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  1. Well i dont want to be a secuirty guard for the rest of my life BUT the way things are right now its better than no job and certainly beats stacking shelves for a living.(what i did before)
  2. Well its all about the right qualifications these days. I did a 2 day coarse, sat 2 very simple tests and for my current job means far more than my GCSEs or A levels (Im a security guard) People who turn any mention of the VCRA into a game of *look how much i know* and have no common sense and proceed to argue for post after post about stuff that isnt even relavent to the discussion.
  3. @vice: well either they've changed the rules or its different from office to office. It was early last year i was claiming which was before most of the get tough on dole scum stuff start AFAIK. As for no replies from companies can you imagine having to write that ten second email to everyone that applies for a job? maybe not so bad for skilled/trained jobs but back when i worked for IKEA in 08 we had 3 positions open and over 500 applicants, so 497 ten second emails takes up quite a lot of time for no gain to the company. Cold but true i feel.
  4. Well if your genuinly claiming after losing a job then fair do, how come you get nothing? I meant as in its easy to *cheat* the system and continue claiming forever more.
  5. Nope, i did actually look for jobs but i had one waiting for me. I was just trying to make a point about how easy it can be for people to do such things as all they do is ask you if have done your *tasks* and require no proof of such. Did anybody on here see the program BBC did a few months back about being on JSA with some *celebs* Rich famous and jobless or something like that?
  6. Wow im surprised you managed to make it last 90 minuetes (no offence intended)..... i guess you actually trying to get a job though, whilst i was claiming JSA last year for about 3 months i figured you didnt actually have to do anything, just say you were doing such things as they have no way of checking (i was just waiting to start a job i had lined up). in the short term anyway.
  7. i dont own a ps3 but im pretty sure there would be an option to stop that, its called crossover, almost all players have it somewhere most its an option
  8. @chris north: I hate the whole idea that if a big wig is coming to visit that everything has to be made to look perfect even if it isnt, why not show em how it is so they can realise they need to get some extra help there. when i worked for a DIY store some regional boss was coming for a meeting and we had to tidy the front half of the store he would walk through which was pointless cause it was messy a day later thanks to customers....
  9. Bailiffs will still be under order to collect on the debt. There not there to prove you dont owe them anything. I work a security job where i basically cover sickness/holidays. I get a phone call every week asking me what shifts i can work the following week and its rarely the same each week and my boss complains when i have plans for the shifts he wants me for next week, well sod you ive had this planned for a lot longer than a week. Just because i didnt book holiday time because its only 3 days at the weekend. *tortilla chip*
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