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  1. Meh, multicam takes all the romance out of it. Thank you for the pics!
  2. Those combat shirts look good, are they available for outside purchase anywhere?
  3. One more from earlier this year.
  4. Mad posing from yesterday's game.
  5. RT Colorado, CCC 1970 Taken at MTA 2013 http://jaclsphotography.zenfolio.com/p915763747/e5877be46
  6. Some pics before I hang them up for the summer.
  7. Thanks guys! I think the grips tie the gun nicely togther from a color/asthetics perspective, and as said previously they're also wider, and a much more comfortable than usual 1911-type grips. Why yes, I was there last weekend shooting at the kids with this very gun. I don't make it down there too often, but it's a useful proving ground for new toys. And oh yeah, I've known the guys that run for many, many years.
  8. Submitted for your approval:
  9. Hahaha, nice. fixed, *badgeress* *badgeress* *badgeress*.
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