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  1. gzus11

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    ive not seen a vfc but people do say they are finished better. i got the dboy with laser/engraved markings, which are nice, not had any paint flaking of. i have been over it and thread locked all screws, and lubed the external moving parts. shimmed the upper which now feels like the body is one piece. out the box it was shooting at 450fps, but the shop kindly snipped the spring back to a consistent 328fps. gearbox has bearings through out, and the spring is short but stiff so assembly is simple. i couldnt justify the price jump, but if you can get a hold of both to compare the vfc probably would come out better.
  2. gzus11

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    the midcaps are glued down the back seam, and possibly the front. i had one split as i loaded it and bbs got into the spring, most of the mag split fairly easy with gentle persuasion (sp)
  3. gzus11

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    yup it fits, did last night, as clot says it does not cover the arm pins so something has to be done, its a little tight on the clone's tube, but gentle persuasion gets it on there. it could possibly also do with shortening by 5mm, to get more threads on the nut at the front. duke nukem look is the same i was going for when i introduced clot to these grips. damn him for getting the shotgun before i did. ps they can be found in the uk
  4. gzus11

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    nice work clot, looks good. ill be building the same thing once my bits arrive. ill get some pictures of the process. im getting some replacement arms from fire support, hoping that id get them quick, but thats not realy happening,i think due to royal mail. wgc shop has them in but may not be any cheaper when shipping customs etc are added. "come get some!", is that a duke reference

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