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  1. dont have any advice on where to get that part, but it can be swapped out with the non hard kick part.
  2. has any one had a broken hammer spring, or replaced it for anything else?
  3. i had a damaged tip on the fill valve, and had another valve that had different threads, so managed to strip down the original valve and replace the inner tube section from the other valve.
  4. the tac star fit without modification, you need to remove the spring plate and do something to hold in the loading arm pins
  5. changed the grip for a miad one so needed a long motor, think its a g&p 120 or 160 i found the original motor pretty good, only changed it as i changed the grip.
  6. a full switching and braking unit.
  7. finally stripped it down again before taking it out this weekend. took a few photos of the motor controll placing as promised. the smaller trigger wires need shortened to tidy it up a little but there is plenty space beside the hop unit. the hardest part was threading the front battery wires back past the gas block, and reconnectingt the bullets on assembly.
  8. no pictures of the set up actually, i always get carried away with the build and forget to take any more pictures, ill try split it open, and get a shot of my controller next to the hop. i have not really looked for li cells that would fit beside the barrel, it does really tidy up the looks, but i also like the laser peq15 i have to hold small 7.4v li packs. i need to measure the cavity and have a look at li packs that could be broken down to cells. actually was impressed by the chap moding a li screwdriver into a battery grip. that may be my future preferred way.
  9. i fit my mosfet motor controller to the left side of the hop unit, so you should be able to get all the space beside the barrell for lithium cells. are you going to slim down the barrell similar to the ra kit?
  10. i dont know if i had the same issue, for the miad grip i sanded down the plastic on the end of the motor, so that if fit inside the threads of the height adjuster, so i could set it correctly. it took maybe 0.5mm
  11. id assume all standard m4 mags fit, ive only tried the miad one. one point of note is the ambi selector, passes the top of the grip so for example the psg1 type/moulded with thicker section at the top right will interfere with the selector. ive just had mine all apart to rewire, 16g silicone wires fit nicely inside the gearbox, which is one of the best stock ive seen. 7mm bearings, bearing guide and piston head, vented piston, decent shimm and what seem to be good gears. the spring is also a pleasure to work with, mine is cut back to 328fps and if slips into the gearbox
  12. long shaft motor fits if the grip is replaced. i put on the magpull grip and needed a long shaft motor.
  13. ive not seen a vfc but people do say they are finished better. i got the dboy with laser/engraved markings, which are nice, not had any paint flaking of. i have been over it and thread locked all screws, and lubed the external moving parts. shimmed the upper which now feels like the body is one piece. out the box it was shooting at 450fps, but the shop kindly snipped the spring back to a consistent 328fps. gearbox has bearings through out, and the spring is short but stiff so assembly is simple. i couldnt justify the price jump, but if you can get a hold of both
  14. i just had a poke about inside mine last night, and filed down the right centre screw in the upper which caught on the bolt carrier, (could also remove the screw) now the handle can be pulled fully to the rear. i also installed an 0.8mm shim between upper/lower body pin to remove all body movement/wobble (not much to begin with) i really fancy installign a lipo inside, but im too lazy to remove the material untill i find good cells to install.
  15. the midcaps are glued down the back seam, and possibly the front. i had one split as i loaded it and bbs got into the spring, most of the mag split fairly easy with gentle persuasion (sp)
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