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  1. Thanks for the info Wolf, it's nice to know more about what I have on my hands. Probably explains why it cost me 200 HKD.
  2. I got my hands on a JAC M16A1 about a month ago but it looks like a completely different system than the usual JAC/MGC deal. I'm looking for the history of this replica, when it was made etc... ANY info would be nice! The markings are JAC but I'm wondering if it's been converted to use Sunproject-like internals.
  3. the scope illumination does work, it's just extremely dim, you need to be in a completely dark room to see it clearly, like the real steel so don't complain. The scope itself is the best replica scope i have, I love the adjustment on it since it moves the reticule and not the entire view. Literally shoot a shot, watch where it goes and move the reticule there, it's that easy. The finish on the scope is very similar to the real scope, (if not exactly the same) not just some half arsed powder coat. and while I'm on the topic of finishes, what the fishhook is up with real sword putting cr
  4. I can confirm that King Arms Galil mags fit and feed well on the Real Sword type 56 I just happened to have both and on a whim tried the swap, it doesn't work the other way though.
  5. that's awesome, I was going to do that with my guarder kit but the guarder outer barrel broke on the underside after about 100 shots, now it's a wall hanger in silver. I gold plated my mp5k though, cost me about 5 RMB to do it in China. 18 karat goodness.
  6. I only have access to tamiya colours here in Hong Kong and I just used a set of truspec tigerstripe pants for a guide. Although I took some artistic liberty with the pattern to make it simpler to paint. I first disassembled the gun and sprayed it using "olive green 2" tamiya spray. Then I used a No 1 tamiya brush for the black XF01, and then followed up with a No 0 brush for the light tan which I used a paint called "Buff" (I forget the paint code). The dark brown was "NATO Brown". Finally I used a Tamiya No 000 brush to refine the edges and used flat clear to clear-coat it. Hop
  7. seeing as all pdw mags available on the market today are plastic... I have a hunch that the real ones are plastic too
  8. excellent review, i really like how you keep us updated to the story of this gun. Owning a star m60 myself and having handled inokatsu m60s before i can tell you the star doesnt stand a chance. although the star/ares doesn't have the stubby grip. I suppose ino did that to fit the gearbox. Oh well, tis a minor gripe
  9. that's all hand painted with a brush. couple days' hard work and paitence
  10. I recently did this gun for FightingChook aka FC to match his tigerstripe uniform constructive criticism welcome
  11. fightingchook made a new clip for himself using a bent paperclip, it's way tighter than the original and don't afraid of anything
  12. i have had problems installing the 5ku bolt carrier together with the RAtech aluminium NPAS bolt. The bolt carrier had to be filed down about 1.5 mm before the bolt would move smoothly in and out of the last 2cm of the bolt carrier, plus the bolt locking plate thingy was misaligned and had to be replaced with a G&P one to work, even that required filing to fit. But now that it's in it works a charm. Cyclic rate is up and it looks SWEEET!
  13. i always hated how the trades were lasered/printed on rather than stamped like the real thompson, but I'm one for those kinds of details
  14. great review, i would like to see a strip down guide for these things though, that's always interesting to a mechanically minded person. If you don't want to risk your rifle though don't. Ive got a gun lying in pieces from several years ago when i took it apart and couldn't put it back together.
  15. I managed to zero my laser perfectly for indoor use and got plenty of kills in an indoor skirmish. works well and intimidates the opponents.
  16. not quite my cup-a-tea but it hardly looks like a boltgun, the profile, maybe i'm sure it's a great gun to shoot though, and i like the worn look
  17. a sneak peek at what i'm working on, it's technically an armalite pic
  18. Here's my Israel Defense Force OD kit and Infantry Vest the red snake with wings badge is the combat paratroop division that brown thing on the top left is a helmet with a net to break up the silhouette my SR15 custom, battle wear is real, not faked (marks should be earned, not made) and an olive branch for good measure front of the vest space for 8 m16/galil mags, 3 pistol mags, 2 smoke grenades, a frag, your ID card and a radio Back of vest top is a helmet bag, below it are straps for sleeping bag/mat, horizontal rope pouch, 2
  19. WWII loadout, helmet is real and has israeli/hebrew markings on inside as it was given/sold to israel after WWII
  20. Marui Thompson, 6 years of wear and tear, surplus WWII sling, real wood. i'm working on a D-day airborne loadout
  21. i think crooked looks cool, gives it character, way to go crunchy. two thumbs up
  22. the green was tamya spray, browns done by hand with a brush, black was airbrushed with tamya enamel, and then clearcoated with mr. colour superclear flat. living in hong kong you cant get krylon, and the high humidity (80-95% air water content) caused some whitening on the front with the clearcoat.
  23. 7 year old KWC desert eagle, machined to full auto, and obviously with a paint job
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