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  1. "N" is for the scope rail, yes for NV scopes. "M" is for polymer furniture. And its not a riot helmet. Its a bullet-proof visor helmet. http://ra.spetsnaz.su/wiki/Zsh-1-2
  2. Its E&L AKS-74mn with Zenitco copy CORE PT-1 stock and CORE B10M railed handguard from gunfire.pl
  3. Yes it's real used one, i got it on red-alliance.net forum from comrade Wildtomcat. NSP is also real, still charged.
  4. LCT AKMS with LCT laminated pistol grip
  5. Can you make some better quality photos in natural daylight without the flash?
  6. Can someone tell the source of the "E&L is refinished LCT" story? Looking by the gas blocks they are not the same, more similar to RealSword Type 56 than to LCT. I've recently aquired an LCT AKMS (only because E&L underfolder is nowhere to be seen/announced). I must say the quality is good (better than most AEG's i have seen), but not on the pair with Real Sword (i own a RS SVD). The only "dissapointment" is that front barrel assembly is still put together with screws with fake pins (Dboys or VFC use pinned design with no screws for example). On the other hand LCT's new gearbox inter
  7. Casual Sunday skirmish, nothing fancy, team death-match 14 vs 14, I'm often thinking how should I edit the videos. If you just cut out the action, all situation awareness is lost. Normally you wait as long as possible to take that essential shot and the "killing" action is like 2-3s long. With all these wide angle cameras its actual hard to see anything pass 30m, especially if the person is hiding or only showing his weapon and head. Our normal woodland engage distance is like 35-60+m. In CQB thats a different story but we sadly don't play a lot of CQB here. If you edit ju
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