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  1. some footage from the safety brief and this one from the game, to all you film makers out there I had a tripod attached and had it balanced out so it was used as a ghetto steadycam
  2. Some of the better shots from Anzio on the snow day, everyone was mostly camping in the buildings...
  3. Had a shuffle round in my armoury - And some gameplay from The Armory Yesterday Thanks for watching and have a great years airsofting, filming or whatever floats your boat!
  4. A good year for airsoft videos, many thanks to all who record, upload and provide us with hours of free entertainment and info. This is my last of the year (probably) so thanks for watching, have a Merry Christmas and plenty of airsoft in the New Year!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7OW4qEg2p0
  6. line of sight atm, fpv coming this week hopefully
  7. Heres my latest video, just getting to grips with it, enjoy!
  8. you would totally buy a wa2000 mk2 if you could the desert eagles have been breeding, yesterday one of them spat out the RE 10" version
  9. CorpWars October 2010 Anzio Camp - only just got my lazy backside in gear to get the edit done
  10. Location - Anzio camp & Drakelow Tunnels Filmed and edited by Chris Stone
  11. Not your usual Airsoft video the second half was filmed at the First and Only Drakelow Tunnels airsoft site near Kidderminster. All the guns used are our own collection of airsoft weapons, mostly aks with a few oddments thrown in for good measure. Watch out for my 3 seconds of fame - lol
  12. First and Only Airsoft Bolton, Manchester Woodlands 12th September 2009
  13. lol Id love to know what he was saying First and Only Airsoft Drakelow Tunnels 13th September 2009
  14. Opening of the Drakelow tunnels, a WW2 era underground factory, converted in the 50s into a nuclear bunker. First & Only Airsoft - 30th August 2009
  15. The Mall - Friars Walk, Reading First and Only Adventures A collection of 6 vids http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=890D786D35794CDD
  16. I bought most of the internals from an ebay company called ehobbyasia, they also have their own website now. The internals are ver2 compatible or v2 when looking for parts. Hopup nub was a systema one and changed the rubber at the same time. Really easy to do. Element gearbox internals, Guarder piston head, Marui electric motor. Unless you really want to or need to dont open the gearbox until youve used it or had it chronoed. If there is a air leak in the piston it will show up on the chrono results. Element sell gearbox packages that have gears/piston/piston head/spring guide/shims
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