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  1. Has anyone managed to find a MP7 mock suppressor that'll work on the Marui? If so, where/what brand?
  2. Did you not read my post about using VFC MP5 flute valves (Ready Fighter does them)? Managed to drop my FPS to 320 FPS on propane. My Azimuth polycarb nozzle is holding up fine (after about 1K). Given that Polycarb lenses survive IEDs and bullets no sweat, I'm sure it will survive the rigours of a GBB easily.
  3. It depends. Marui parts IIRC is made of ABS. The Creation Nozzles are made of POM. POM is weaker than ABS in stress handling, but is much more malleable if I remember my material science data right. The core problem with the Marui MP7 design is that not only you have an impact stress on the nozzle, but without modification you also have a compression stress coming from the bolt carrier. The marui nozzle is about 1-2mm too long and this is the reason why a stock Marui MP7 does not close properly. And because the underlying design flaw is there, even if the gas that you use is less powerful than propane it is just a matter of time before the bolt will fail. The Marui nozzle, it failed after about ~100 rounds - but this is handling both impact and compression stress. My modded POM nozzle lasted about ~500 rounds - but this is impact stress only. I've dealt with MadHellsing before getting a replacement for my G&P hop-up arm. For the amount that he charges (at least, relative to NZ standard) he can be forgiven for taking his time, lol.
  4. MadHelsing (of gasguns.info forum fame) has offered to fabricate a steel MP7 loading nozzle provided A) he has a broken nozzle to model after and B-) he has a MP7 bolt carrier to ensure fitment. No idea of cost yet - he estimated $50. But given that the Creation nozzles has and will fail (mine has failed), having one fabricated with steel/aluminium/kevlar is the only option for MP7 owners wanting to use propane - And $50 is not that much far than $38. Since I'm in NZ and I can't ship out my bolt carrier... anyone in the US who is willing to "borrow" his for a good cause? He only needs it for 2 weeks for initial modelling.
  5. 3vil-D4n happened to be in town and managed to meet up with me + looked at the MP7 and tested out his hypothesis. If I remember correctly, his assessment is as follow: on a stock TM nozzle, it would appear that the bolt never closes completely... because the loading nozzle is actually a bit longer than it should. What this means is that every time the bolt returns, the loading nozzle pretty much absorbs the impact on contact with the barrel extension. The way to alleviate this is to shorten (via a dremel with a grinder) - the end of the loading nozzle (Mgg1-89) - the inner plastic piece, on the side facing the piston (Mgg1-92) (this is the part that the piston immediately contact/impact upon when the bolt return to the default position) - the front moving part (Mgg1-87) - Or cut out the o-ring (Mgg1-98) - but the o-ring is there to buffer against something, so not sure what cutting the o-ring will do. Will report in if my nozzle still fails after having the above mod. It might also be pos
  6. The middle RF (2 dots) nozzle was the one giving me ~0.87J on the MP7. Upper RF nozzle (3 dots) gives me 1.3J
  7. My Creation nozzles have arrived. I have also done a few tests. 1) I can confirm that the Ready Fighter flute valve for VFC MP5 WILL WORK on the Marui MP7 GBBs, http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ready-fighter-power-control-kit-for-vfc-mp5-gbb.html . The Marui MP7 flute valves are longer than the RF power kits. 2) The Creation nozzle, shooting stock, was 350 FPS on .27 g BBs at 21*c on propane. Since the dimension was virtually identical to the Marui, I would say that's what my Marui was doing prior to catastrophic failure of the nozzle. After dropping in a RF nozzle, I dropped the FPS to 250 FPS on .27g BBs at 21*C. A bit concerned about the design of the bolt in general though. The bolt carrier itself is metal. The nozzle (which is where the majority of the impact happens) is ABS (for Marui) or POM (for the Creation nozzle). The way I see it, the majority of the impact force after the bolt is recoiling back will be on the nozzle as it slams back into the barrel extension. Having a BB in the chamber will somewhat mitigate this return force and reduce impact on the nozzle (in other words, dry fire in with the MP7 = BAAAAD idea)... but still, the risk is always there. Nothing stops short of a carbon fibre or aluminium nozzle can guarantee a failure-free nozzle.
  8. Can someone show me how to take out the loading nozzle from the MP7 please? Mind has blown as well (Propane + NZ summer = bad). Have a Creation loading nozzle on the way, but cannot figure out how to extract the loading nozzle from the bolt group. My manual has also conveniently decide to disappear and leave me in despair. EDIT: Found it. Uploaded it in case someone is interested in taking a look at it as well: The part that breaks is MGG1-89 on the lower right corner.

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