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  2. Currently my only rig Base is a Condor PLB belt with harness in black, pouches etc. all OD From left to right: Bulle shotgun shell pouch Viper single open M4 pouch (for M4 sized speedloader) Viper double M4 pouch (fits my metal water flask nicely) Warrior Medium horizontal utility pouch (for ammo bag, bits and bobs) Warrior adjustable holster (it's the old style one you cant get now, adjustable to take 1911 up to Desert Eagle or MK23) Warrior small horizontal utility pouch (for SVD magazine and sniper ammo) Also note the four clips attaching the belt to the harness, these
  3. Never be embarrassed by something that works
  4. As someone who has mental health issues, I find your use of the word 'mental' in a derogatory fashion offensive. (I don't actually. find it offensive, I mean.)
  5. Not awesome, but functional Here's what I started with: http://www.icsbb.com/web_e/html/02_products/show.aspx?kind1=3&kind2=19&kind3=23&num=592 http://www.icsbb.com/web_e/html/02_products/show.aspx?kind1=3&kind2=19&kind3=23&num=594 Went with the Sportline as I could almost get two of them for the price of one full metal version from my friendly supplier. Wanted a long gun running at circa 350 fps for woodland, and something easily transportable for when I visit CQB sites, to run at sub 330 fps. Here's what they look like now. I removed the folding sto
  6. If it helps here's how I test inside I put my chrono in the neck of an old and tough ruck sack, with an old towel lining the bottom of it. Pull the draw string nice and tight on the rucksack opening and it works perfectly
  7. I was on topic, I was responding to an incomplete review. If I write a review without any sort of "how it actually works" aspect, then please feel free to point it out. Personally I wouldn't spend that much on a gun (and I have) without buying something to load bb's into it. This has been posted as a review, when it should have been in one of the pics threads. As I said: "From a neutral perspective, all I'm seeing at the moment is a discussion about a moderately well finished wall hanger"
  8. I know what I'm talking about. If it doesn't work properly, it could look like Megan Fox covered in little choclate RIS rails for all I care. Function first, then looks. It isn't my fault you posted an incomplete review before you had all the info and equipment at hand. I'll thank you for your efforts so far, but you really should have waited. You are in no position to take umbrage against those that complain on this point. You decided to publish too soon, take the brickbats like a man!
  9. A review of how it actually shoots would make this thread useful. From a neutral perspective, all I'm seeing at the moment is a discussion about a moderately well finished wall hanger.
  10. I'm a ordinary, regular skirmisher, and have moved over to mostly belt rigs, with a retro flavour. Basically I work on the premise of building belt rigs that will see me through from the start of the day until lunch, and then reload for the afternoon until finish. First up is a Warrior PLB belt with a modded 58 pattern yoke. Comfy as heck! Here is the same belt, now fully loaded - 3 x frag grenade pouches over 4 x open 7.62 mag pouches, 2 x large utility, 1 x small vertical utility. Next is an ALICE rig. The mag pouches have had their grenade straps cut off for a better
  11. Here's some of ours, including one sewn directly onto an OD brassard Standard team badge at the top
  12. This is a picture thread. Please take your issues elsewhere. You're opinion on how people do or do not behave is of no consequence in *this* thread. Having another rant and tacking some on-topic stuff on the bottom doesn't wash either. I shall say no more on the subject (already said too much) I shall just report people who continue to ignore what they have been asked to do by mods and others.
  13. It was a KA set, now sold on though. Please consider shutting up, it is becoming very tiresome.
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