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  1. Swerve


  2. As someone who has mental health issues, I find your use of the word 'mental' in a derogatory fashion offensive. (I don't actually. find it offensive, I mean.)
  3. Swerve

    NV monocular

    For sale item
  4. Swerve

    For Sale March 2008

    Bits I have for sale march 2008
  5. Swerve


    Aug DMR: CA AUG Civilian KA Phantom Kit 6.03 550mm inner barrel PDC metal dial hop up H-Hop and Systema bucking Gripod 3-9x56 scope To come: Upgraded mechbox inc bore up. Target fps 370
  6. Swerve

    Glock 18c set

    All the glock bits
  7. Swerve

    For Sale Oct 2008

    bits for sale
  8. Swerve


    For sale
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