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  1. Out of curiosity, has anyone fitted the new Magpul AK solid stock onto their Airsoft AEG AK with any success? I'm thinking about getting an CYMA AK with a fixed stock and routing the battery into the stock. I use 7.4v butterfly lipos and speculate that it would fit into the Magpul's storage compartment.
  2. Nice work! How does the magazine release work - like an AR like its real-life version, or like the old Tavor? Do the mags drop free?
  3. Along those lines, does anyone know a good source for NYCO 50/50 clothing fabric in ranger green?
  4. 3" inch MALICE - the small ones are the best ones for attaching ALICE onto MOLLE.
  5. I can now definitely say the Safariland 6280 for the Glock 17/22 will be an extremely snug fit with a WE19 (WE G19). However, using some painter's tape, five minutes with a hair dryer, and 15 minutes inside a freezer, the WE G19 will fit PERFECTLY. YouTube video on it is here (Tactical Gear Tip - How to Fix A Tight Kydex Holster by Reality Survival).
  6. Dunno if anyone's posted on this, but has anyone used a stock WE G19 (with no light) with a Safariland 6280 for a real-steel G19 (with no mods)? I know definitively that a WE19 will NOT fit a SERPA for a Glock 19, but will fit a SERPA for a G21.
  7. Ah, my bad, for a moment I thought you did.
  8. DeltaZero and Leon Kennedy, I really dig the lightweight setups! As a suggestion to get it even lighter, consider using handstops instead of AFGs.
  9. Whoops. I stand corrected. MTAR's 23 inches, according to Wiki, and the PDR-D is 19 inches, according to Magpul material. The MTAR isn't as small as the PDR-C. I'd still consider buying an MTAR for my compact STANAG bullup wants.
  10. Along the lines of a gun that doesn't exist except in concept or video games - I'd be one of many people that would love to snap up a working reliable replica of the HALO Assault Rifle - use a SR-25/SCAR-H mag and you're good to go. Also, there IS a real-steel Magpul PDR-C sized bullpup rifle that uses STANAG magazines, has an AR-style release, and a flattop RIS - the IDF-standard issue Micro Tavor. I'd be also down with buying that.
  11. Try giving a ring to Head On Tactical, a Northern California-based gear maker. I think they will be able to help you with a custom rig. Storefront: http://headontactical.storenvy.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeadOnTactical?ref=ts&fref=ts
  12. Anyone with these chest rigs have trouble low-crawling?
  13. If you have the AR-15 type ironsights, set the rear sights to the larger of the two aperture openings as a starting point. Also, painting the front sight white or orange, or replacing it with a glow-in-the-dark one, helps considerably.
  14. .... Color me amazed! How in the heck did you get the Inokatsu over here? I was under the impression they were restricted from being imported to the US. Also, pulling back on the charging handle, is it basically as hard as it is with real-steel? Awesome setup!
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