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  1. I think my next loadout will be "Frank Underwood in the Jordan Valley"

  2. USPS tracking is down, again. Most of my parcels haven't updated since Tuesday and are MIA.

  3. Sometimes I look at picture of my old guns and say "Hey stupid why did you build that, it looks dumb as hell"

    1. Lone_Bullet


      it's called the airsoft learning curve ;). When I started I wanted torches, lasers, all rails cover with rail protectors and huge scopes. Then I understood I didn't have the stamina and I looked rather stupid. Old '90 SAS and US units inspired me to go light/practical.

  4. thiiiis close to building an AR15 pistol build for my civvie kit.

  5. Appreciating any prayers and good thoughts to my home area of St. Louis. The Ferguson protests are effecting a lot of LEO I have in my family, as well as all the citizens they strive to protect. :(

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    2. Skarclaw


      I don't see the issue with going out and protesting either. Especially given that America is a country founded on a revolution!

    3. hitmanNo2


      That would all be fine if some people knew the difference between protesting and rioting/looting.

    4. Skarclaw


      I'm sure most do. Bear in mind there are protests all over the US and one last night in London. I cba to tip toe around racial issues but its two sides of the same coin - the black/dispossessed anger manifests itself more overtly then white power structure which is far more subtle, ie mortgage refusal, electoral division boundaries and so forth. Not in any way am I condoning looters but we have to look at the bigger picture.


      I think its important to remember that the protests...

  6. It is literally impossible to quit airsoft. Here I am again.

    1. hitmanNo2


      Airsoft is like cocaine but the white stuff comes in bigger bags ha ha.

    2. judgeman


      airsoft is a helluva drug.

  7. Any source on Allwin sets that arent DragonRed?

  8. Four more days until Ground Zeroes.

  9. Ugh, RIP Devtsix.

    1. TheFull9
    2. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      They were offline for a few hours due to their account being "suspended"; it's back now thankfully. :)

  10. Finally. After days of waiting, my shipment of FOUR G&P SR16E3s arrived. Now to sell them for way higher prices. Cha-ching!

  11. Apparently today is "spam to boost post count" day...

    1. Horsem4n


      I never liked that guys videos. He's very unprofessional. however, at least he's posting things that work with the topics, for the most part.

  12. Ordered an HSP INCOG, review imminent.

  13. Is it just me or can nobody find/see the video section?

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    2. jal3


      The "Videos Thread" is impossible to find...i've told admins to sticky it multiple times, but no luck yet. I only get to see it when somebody posts in it and bumps it up in my view.

    3. FireKnife


      Is it really that hard to go to General Discussion, press Ctrl + F and enter 'video thread'? :P

    4. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      I didn't know where it was! Stickied near the picture threads? No. Stickied in general? No. Search for "video" in the search bar? Nothing.

  14. Holy *suitcase*, GTAV comes out tonight. Midnight can't come soon enough.

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    2. -MOOSE-


      You're not going to play it for anything less that 56 hours straight... Keep telling yourself otherwise!


      I haven't even looked at any reviews, I've only seen the TV trailer and I think it looks stellar! Though I'm not a gamer, I've always enjoyed playing a bit of GTA to get my frustrations out of me... I'll just wait until one of my brothers buys it and I'll have to stealthily borrow it without previously asking... Don't tell anyone...

    3. -Drake-


      Got it this morning, see you all next year...

    4. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Yeah I had to go to work. Only 6 more hours until I can go home and play more.

  15. Don't get me stahded, Scarecrowh, I ain't wearin fahkin hawkey pads.

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    2. Habakure


      Bit of Nolans batman. The Dark Knight. Said by the guy who suffered IBS in a suit without a zip.

    3. Leon Kennedy
    4. Habakure
  16. Anyone in the US have a CW to CCW adapter?

  17. Did a flip on the bad to impress the significant other...landed on mah nuts.

    1. FireKnife


      Flip on the bad? Is that some new slang you youngsters are using nowadays?

    2. PureSilver


      Back in my day...

    3. Leon Kennedy
  18. Suddenly want an MBSS REAL BAD

    1. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      I got one so now I want SFLCS POUCHES REAL BAD

  19. Painted lower, painted whole, or flat black sprayed lower on my Mk18?

  20. Quick question: are the Gen 1 PTS P-Mags as good as the current ones?

    1. aznriptide859


      Yea they are, why wouldn't they be?

    2. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Well the design had to be changed for SOME reason, so I didn't know if it was a critical flaw or more aesthetics to match the RS ones.

    3. TheFull9


      That second bit.

  21. Had an awesome game today, 20+ KIAs and objectives completed. Mk18s rule.

  22. Has anyone ever seen ACM ESS NVG Profiles? I've seen a few turbofan replicas, but I'm questioning the legitimacy of some on eBay.

    1. TheFull9


      There'll be some somewhere, you can guarantee it.

    2. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      I'm not too worried. The guy is selling a handful of pairs among some other post deployment gear.

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