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  1. Appreciating any prayers and good thoughts to my home area of St. Louis. The Ferguson protests are effecting a lot of LEO I have in my family, as well as all the citizens they strive to protect. :(

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    2. Skarclaw


      I don't see the issue with going out and protesting either. Especially given that America is a country founded on a revolution!

    3. hitmanNo2


      That would all be fine if some people knew the difference between protesting and rioting/looting.

    4. Skarclaw


      I'm sure most do. Bear in mind there are protests all over the US and one last night in London. I cba to tip toe around racial issues but its two sides of the same coin - the black/dispossessed anger manifests itself more overtly then white power structure which is far more subtle, ie mortgage refusal, electoral division boundaries and so forth. Not in any way am I condoning looters but we have to look at the bigger picture.


      I think its important to remember that the protests...

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