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  1. Bankz, go lay down and count to ten before posting next time. Every reply from you on this page makes you sound rude; ask your mom if you can post on the internet first the next time you decide to act like a child. jkpics, post pictures of the carnage next time!
  2. I think my next loadout will be "Frank Underwood in the Jordan Valley"

  3. Yes, it's created typically by using a wood burning tool with a multi-pin head. There are all sorts but it's usually something shaped like the head of a nail with a texture on it.
  4. It was Kojak's, and now it is mine. I do it justice by taking phone-quality pictures of it.
  5. D3CR, S&S tabs, custom velcro on back done by Vel-Tye.
  6. Great first post, I was wondering how it would perform. Wasn't going to buy one myself, but it's great to see new technologies. If you have time to post some good pictures, I'm sure we would all appreciate admiring it from afar.
  7. USPS tracking is down, again. Most of my parcels haven't updated since Tuesday and are MIA.

  8. Sometimes I look at picture of my old guns and say "Hey stupid why did you build that, it looks dumb as hell"

    1. Lone_Bullet


      it's called the airsoft learning curve ;). When I started I wanted torches, lasers, all rails cover with rail protectors and huge scopes. Then I understood I didn't have the stamina and I looked rather stupid. Old '90 SAS and US units inspired me to go light/practical.

  9. thiiiis close to building an AR15 pistol build for my civvie kit.

  10. Appreciating any prayers and good thoughts to my home area of St. Louis. The Ferguson protests are effecting a lot of LEO I have in my family, as well as all the citizens they strive to protect. :(

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    2. Skarclaw


      I don't see the issue with going out and protesting either. Especially given that America is a country founded on a revolution!

    3. hitmanNo2


      That would all be fine if some people knew the difference between protesting and rioting/looting.

    4. Skarclaw


      I'm sure most do. Bear in mind there are protests all over the US and one last night in London. I cba to tip toe around racial issues but its two sides of the same coin - the black/dispossessed anger manifests itself more overtly then white power structure which is far more subtle, ie mortgage refusal, electoral division boundaries and so forth. Not in any way am I condoning looters but we have to look at the bigger picture.


      I think its important to remember that the protests...

  11. My hands are becoming raw from scrubbing, and I'm out of Citristrip, but I turned this: Into this: I also cheated and just bought a whole new receiver. More scrubbing is to be had.
  12. It is literally impossible to quit airsoft. Here I am again.

    1. hitmanNo2


      Airsoft is like cocaine but the white stuff comes in bigger bags ha ha.

    2. judgeman


      airsoft is a helluva drug.

  13. I believe there's a write-up here on Arnies, I saw it years ago! It's a 2-liter cap sewn into fabric!
  14. It's machine engraving. I know because I totally am a Chris REMF Tacticool fanboy on facebook. Looking so good, I absolutely love it.
  15. When I first saw Keymod rails, that's the first thing I thought of. Glad I'm not the only one.
  16. Local guys run them. They're not too serious into milsim, but I know theirs hold up well and carry enough for short skirmishes. Here's my NSW-ish 2nd line. Need to get comms sorted out.
  17. King Arms externals, Systema internals, mostly.
  18. Split it, sell me the rail and barrel. I've already bought like half the stuff you've sold, so why not more? Also, I used to love 1-pt slings, but I kept getting smacked in the nuts whenever I transitioned. I stick with 2-pt now, but to each his own!
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