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  1. There's wires coming from he box. Looks good. I'm not a fan of the PWS comp but even with it the rifle looks great.
  2. My NSW rifle. Needs a new optic and can, but this works. Got some new paint.
  3. About 4000. ;P Pity that ALL of those replicas are using old-gen sights.
  4. HPL4121, huh? Nice, close to mine.
  5. Here's a shot of the *albatross* end of an RS for you. Seam mark is visible.
  6. I can see all the topics fine, but the spacing is increased due to the (mostly blank) image previews.
  7. Any source on Allwin sets that arent DragonRed?

  8. Well that would have been my last guess, but good to know!
  9. Added some more green to the paint to fit in with my more current woodland loadout. Then I got a charging handle, finally.
  10. Four more days until Ground Zeroes.

  11. The problem I have with this is 50 is still not a lot, and I'll be damned if I get effed-over by someone just because we wanted to "try" it. I think maybe doing a 100 posts OR 50 + membership time would be a little safer.
  12. Please do not lower the limit. The benefit is that it forces people to become active in the community, and very rarely have I seen someone who bothers to boost 100 posts (far fewer even succeed thanks to good moderation). There are plenty of places to buy things; the benefit of Arnie's is that I know I can trust those who I buy from, and I have made many friends here who I can buy or trade from with complete confidence.
  13. Ugh, RIP Devtsix.

    1. TheFull9
    2. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      They were offline for a few hours due to their account being "suspended"; it's back now thankfully. :)

  14. Finally. After days of waiting, my shipment of FOUR G&P SR16E3s arrived. Now to sell them for way higher prices. Cha-ching!

  15. Very pricy, but make sure you actually try it before you buy it. I know it's "fashionable", but an RMR on a handgun is way different than a typical dot on a rifle, and for many people (myself included) it is NOT as quick for acquiring a target as irons with a more open picture.
  16. My KA is stupid-good; I was surprised for the price. It's turned out to be a great performer.
  17. I use a G&P Comp M2 a lot of the time, so it's really not a huge deal. It's more for a pretty picture.
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