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  1. Don't get me stahded, Scarecrowh, I ain't wearin fahkin hawkey pads.

    1. Habakure


      Bit of Nolans batman. The Dark Knight. Said by the guy who suffered IBS in a suit without a zip.

    2. Leon Kennedy
    3. Habakure
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  2. Anyone in the US have a CW to CCW adapter?

  3. It went MIA at an OP in June and I never got around to finding another! Changed the rail while I wait for the barrel. I oddly like it. Also, glitter'd that *badgeress* up.
  4. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I also own the 9" RIS II; I have an 11.5" barrel coming, and am gonna try the same setup but shorter once the suppressor comes. With the can on the end, the gun is a little long, and it's not really plausible with my local fields to tune the gun to DMR specs.
  5. I honestly don't know. I bought it from Taco of ASB from his parted out 416 for $30, so I'll make due with whatever it is. Walmart laundry bag. $3, reusable. Pretty fine mesh; I just put the gun itself into the bag and tightened it all up so it laid flat. This was sort of a reverse paint job; usually I paint a tan base coat, then do a brown spray over it (so the scales are light) but since I was painting over my old foliage job, the scales became dark. I like it, especially once it wears down.
  6. New paint. Surefire suppressor is coming sometime soon. Then Hwagan and I can be suppressor buddies. [/url]
  7. MARSOC-inspired kit. Edit: Half of it I bought from -MOOSE-!
  8. Good, thinking. It's almost a necessity on a 6094, unless you like getting your *albatross* slapped all day.
  9. Yes, GMR mod. It's a bit shorter and shallower, so it doesn't hang off the back plate.
  10. I LOVE that. Always love guns set up like that.
  11. My pillow is a fat chick. PACA on ze wayyyy.
  12. I'm building an SPR style Block II weapon as well! Good inspiration for me, man.
  13. Did a flip on the bad to impress the significant other...landed on mah nuts.

    1. FireKnife


      Flip on the bad? Is that some new slang you youngsters are using nowadays?

    2. PureSilver


      Back in my day...

    3. Leon Kennedy
  14. VFC Some day, I will live in a house where there is a good place to take photos. For now, this. I'm trying out various optics from my friends. ACOG is next. Need a can, and a charging handle. On the fence about painting the rail, or waiting to find a clean KA upper. Edit: better picture. Super edit: Haha, the rail looks super yellow in that picture.
  15. You've got your AR mags indexed in the opposite direction as your handgun mags. Do you draw them differently? Not criticizing, only curious.
  16. New rig for the next OP. Still looking for a radio pouch to replace one of the mag pouches and an IR strobe.
  17. Beautiful! What shirts are yall wearing? Also, put a pic of the rifle in the AR15 thread.
  18. New MBSS and some pouches I had laying around. I have Khaki EI SFLCS mag pouches on the way and I'm looking to get a Khaki MAP, as well as some sort of GP or radio pouch to replace the medic bag.
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