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  1. Infinite badass-ness. I think I'm actually going to leave this upper the way it is for my next game. I don't actually have anything mounted on my RAS except the AFG.
  2. I am building a gun that I cooked up in PMG, so I'm trying a G27 grip before anything else. I'm looking for a 300m KAC rear sight; I might get a MK18 rail in black for it. I also PM'd someone about a batch of mags with ranger plates. I'm glad you like it though; I was just throwing parts together until I move in August! The block is just a FAB defense angled mount. It just came on those handguards when I got the gun originally.
  3. Here's my interpretation of a "modern" Colt Commando! My gun's in a transition period until parts and paint come, so I played around with this. Extremely light, especially without the Aimpoint.
  4. STUNTMAN, that is so dope. I love that.
  5. WIP. Better pics once I get my DSLR back and can go outside.
  6. New remix done for a label competition! Listen if you have a few minutes: https://soundcloud.com/kevinheiland/let-it-go-kevin-heiland

  7. Write a review up if you have time, Agent Hunk. I'd like an accurate G19 to cross-train with RS.
  8. Quick snippet of what I'm working on. It may be a bit old school, but it's easily the most "pointable" rifle I have ever owned. Sorry for the poor mobile pics.
  9. Got the one I ordered for my buddy; good quality, nice trades, but some ghosting, even on the lowest brightness (shown below). Came in packaging almost identical to the G&P I owned, which had plastic cams on the inside which stripped, but they seem to be nicer quality on Hawaiian's.
  10. Teaser pic of some ATACS-AU style accessories for a friend's incoming SBR.
  11. King Arms, actually. I really like it after owning 3 G&Ps. The RAS and front sight are G&P though, since I sort of butchered the KA front sight pins trying to get them out haha.
  12. My new humble offering. A bit old school now; got an 11.5" barrel incoming and then I need to decide on paint and a new rear sight.
  13. My new humble offering. Next time you see it, it will be completely painted and will have a few more rails. I need to find a solid-stock VFC-type receiver for it to replace the horribly wobbly folding stock and put a buffer tube adapter on, or at least a folding solid AK74 stock receiver that doesn't have a pot metal hinge. If anyone has a source (or has one to sell/trade) send me a PM.
  14. The color combination gives it that "under water" cool; very nice.
  15. I've got one a page or two back, too. Same as Frogfish's.
  16. It's on my list. As is a bolt catch, a 2" barrel extension, a can, and some sort of magnifier optic. These are just parts I had lying around the house.
  17. Here's a pic of my WIP. I'm working on making it into a SEAL RECCE rifle (mostly because I have more liberties with it.) I'd love to hear opinions on the paintjob. I actually used a rather unique technique; it's a base coat of tan, a snakeskin pattern done with brown, and then an overspray in both tan, brown, and OD. It's effective for me because it takes a more earthy tone rather than tan, so it's more effective in most US climates. I thought about covering the old paint with a flat black overall spray, but I can always do that later if I'd rather.
  18. DMR project I'm working on. Missing some bits and pieces but the gun is sitting about 200 miles away from me at the moment, so next week I'll add them, repaint, and post again.
  19. My quick painting job on my MP7. Just to spruce it up a bit. Lighting is really weird on this pic, so expect better when I get to my DSLR.
  20. Because it's, like, four or five years old. Pre-Umarex.
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