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    I am interested in many things. I enjoy playing and haveing airsoft games with friends, I enjoy taking appart my guns and upgradeing them on my spare time, and I enjoy being outside. I also like collecting things and trying to make my collection better with hard to find items.

    Future guns-

    Kalash AK-74s AEG. Awsome gun, Hope to get it later this April. :D Drum mag combo will be awsome.

    Echo 1 M4A1
    I am hopeing this gun to be my first actual M16 type AEG. I hope to turn this gun into a "battle rifle". I would like to get an M203 and a C-mag for the gun. I also plan on upgradeing the gun internaly.
  1. TBStalker, How did you like that G36k RIS set? I've been needing to get one for a long, long time but didnt know what its like. Is it heavy? Do you know how big of a suppressor you could fit in there?
  2. Where did you get it done in Hawaii? I am topping it.. 2 7.4v Lipos, 16awg Silver Teflon wire, AB Mosfet, PDI piston, flash hidder, PDI cylinder, Nineball damper cylinder head, steel Secot gear, Nineball spring, PDI spring guide, Nineball bearing bushings, PDI long 6.01mm Tight bore, Firefly bucking, and the loads of mods.. finally got it done yesterday. Pics later? Edit: Oh yea, And the Battery setup is completely internal... No external half *albatross* stuff. If your gunna run lipo might aswell do it right.
  3. Barrel am bent? I am guessing you just dont have internals in yet?
  4. Lol, spent an hour reading all this great news, Almost forgot why I came here. Gunners is carrying a replacement Marine trademarked Metal Lower reciver.. Maybe better replacements for that JG.. Also, I say the nozzle is brass on the JG, Is that "Part #2" metal aswell?..
  5. Is that price USD or pounds? $210 USD would be the best AK ever..
  6. Yay or Nay?.. I was suprised the Suppressor and Light fit.. They fit Perfictly acctually.. What do you guys think?
  7. LOL dude I completely understand your pain... I spent the last year slowly gathering parts just to build a nice G36K with an RAS unit, and JG comes out with 2 RAS G36ks.. Atleast mine has nylon fiber externals, but still.. A lot of work for nothing lmao. On the other hand, hopefully JG will release some of there RAS kits so I could pick one up for under $60.. Dave, what brand is your RAS rail? Do you think it could fit a suppressor easly? The JG ones are clones of the CA RAS kit, which is a bit different.. Not as good looking at the kind you have in my opinion..
  8. I <3 RSOV, anyone else? http://rsov.com/index.php?target=products&...product_id=3666 $17 and hopefully they are the "New" version mags.
  9. Awsome, wow I havnt heard Interpol for a long time.. Looks sexi.. Dam I am really considering shelling out for one to replace my g36..
  10. appslap, I notaced your videos were in HD. Basic, What format do you have them Saved as after editing? If your editin program has a way to save the file as an Mp4 or HP.720p And then upload it to Youtube, It should become the Original HD file. As long as the end saved file is an HD format Youtube recognizes it should become HD. Also, It helps to save in Widescreen format to fit the entire Youtube viewing box. Edit, What Program are you useing? How long ago did you try to upload these videos? After the video is done "prossesing" it takes maybe 10min for the HQ or HD opption to s
  11. MASADAS... Where didyou guys get them?.. Awsome, but in the end that couldnt have been good for the gun.. Edit, great Collection of videos you guys have there! I am happy to see how Active Airsoft is out there!
  12. Sometimes simple is better.. Started- AGM M14.. All Stock paint Removed part-by-part (all in my lungs now ) all externals refinished, Includeing Internals.. to many internal upgrades to list, Only stock parts are the shell and trigger mech Plus for $10 shipped from a China Company on Ebay, that cheekpad is Awsome.. Fully adjustable and all, plus its built great..
  13. 8mm Bushing hole? Kinda surprising? Copper though.
  14. Excelent. Video please! EDIT, Wow, just ckeced RSOV.. 1.7 KG is an Amazing wieght for RSOV considering most of there AEGs are around 5KG (All wrong..). Must resist..
  15. Vestaa, Is that the Metal JG SVD or the Regular? I have been interested in getting a Metal verion to tinker with, but Decided agaced it.. need Feedback first. ^ Nice AKS ^ All it would need to Complete itself would be a nice Stock, I dont know the name of them, but Someone will direct one.. lol The look great, They are Stamped I belive. I will try to quote a nice pic somewere in here. And I may FINALLY be getting an RK-02.. After waiting a Year and a half for a Steel RK-02, nut I dont think its going to happen.. I am just going to get a Regular one, and upgrade it, I have enough pa
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