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    I am interested in many things. I enjoy playing and haveing airsoft games with friends, I enjoy taking appart my guns and upgradeing them on my spare time, and I enjoy being outside. I also like collecting things and trying to make my collection better with hard to find items.

    Future guns-

    Kalash AK-74s AEG. Awsome gun, Hope to get it later this April. :D Drum mag combo will be awsome.

    Echo 1 M4A1
    I am hopeing this gun to be my first actual M16 type AEG. I hope to turn this gun into a "battle rifle". I would like to get an M203 and a C-mag for the gun. I also plan on upgradeing the gun internaly.
  1. AirsoftHawaii90

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Yay or Nay?.. I was suprised the Suppressor and Light fit.. They fit Perfictly acctually.. What do you guys think?
  2. AirsoftHawaii90

    Videos Thread !

    appslap, I notaced your videos were in HD. Basic, What format do you have them Saved as after editing? If your editin program has a way to save the file as an Mp4 or HP.720p And then upload it to Youtube, It should become the Original HD file. As long as the end saved file is an HD format Youtube recognizes it should become HD. Also, It helps to save in Widescreen format to fit the entire Youtube viewing box. Edit, What Program are you useing? How long ago did you try to upload these videos? After the video is done "prossesing" it takes maybe 10min for the HQ or HD opption to show.
  3. AirsoftHawaii90

    Videos Thread !

    MASADAS... Where didyou guys get them?.. Awsome, but in the end that couldnt have been good for the gun.. Edit, great Collection of videos you guys have there! I am happy to see how Active Airsoft is out there!
  4. AirsoftHawaii90

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Oh God! Someone PLEASE make a Review! I am Dieing! I can acctually afford to get one, but I would like to see an epic review first.. EDIT, Thanks a bunch Punky! I hadnt checked the thread for a while, so I didnt see your post.. Eye candy pls..
  5. AirsoftHawaii90

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Punky.. Please Do make a review or sorts, All I want to buy is this gun and One other AEG out there.. Haha But yeah, Someone please make a reiew.. I am dieing here.. /sarcasm
  6. AirsoftHawaii90

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Right, I have a hell of a lot of questions about those DE M3 Super 90s.. This is acctually going to be my first Real shotty and, Its the first Airsoft gun in general I am getting Gitty about.. Its a Good thing I guess, But I Demand a Full review by someone or eberyone who has it..
  7. AirsoftHawaii90

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Home made anyone? Made from complete Junk- lol, It came out better than I thought.. Not bad for stuff I was going to through out.
  8. AirsoftHawaii90

    Videos Thread !

    Heres an Edited Verion of What I posted on pg 50.. Awsome game 4/26/08. More to come!!!
  9. AirsoftHawaii90

    Videos Thread !

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyw-qWzs6o4 Airsoft Hawaii game 4/26/08 Its short, and isnt too exciteing, But I enjoyed the game and filming.. I am cought in the act, Getting taken out by a TM Gbb... Haha

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