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    Kihei Hawaii, USA
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    I am interested in many things. I enjoy playing and haveing airsoft games with friends, I enjoy taking appart my guns and upgradeing them on my spare time, and I enjoy being outside. I also like collecting things and trying to make my collection better with hard to find items.

    Future guns-

    Kalash AK-74s AEG. Awsome gun, Hope to get it later this April. :D Drum mag combo will be awsome.

    Echo 1 M4A1
    I am hopeing this gun to be my first actual M16 type AEG. I hope to turn this gun into a "battle rifle". I would like to get an M203 and a C-mag for the gun. I also plan on upgradeing the gun internaly.

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  1. It's full again...clear it out. I have that CA gearset you need.

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