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  1. Now that HPA standalone one has peaked my interest... but what's the bet it'll be more expensive than their current Tag 15...
  2. Funnily enough, that's why I said GBB 417.. The only EBB comparison I have will be with my APS ASR 110 EBB but even that feels like it puts out more felt recoil than the TM... If there is a reliable way of measuring the recoil I would be interested to know though as this has got me interested. The only objective method I've used for determining recoil is the grouping during a 5 shot rapid between the GBB, TM and a bog standard AEG - but even that has human factors all over it (I was getting a similar group size between a normal AEG and TM) RE: Trademarks, that's something new to me as ev
  3. I'll throw in my 2 pence worth, but be warned, mine hasn't been remotely as positive as some of the others! The local site has one of those electronic MET targets with the timer and despite hitting each one, it still took significantly longer with the TM than with a pistol or a stock rifle (not the most scientific of tests, but I know I'm can shoot!) The recoil was pretty much non-existent. I genuinely don't see what all the rage about the recoil is about. A stock VFC 417 and WE M4 puts out significantly more (the look on people's faces when I let them shoot the GBB 417 compared with the TM4
  4. Yup I have, only once though. Ordered a few bits off them and a few weeks later it arrived... Turns out they didn't have 1 of my items in stock and took it upon themselves to send the package anyway. I had to complain to them to get my refund for the missing items....
  5. The (correct) HK417 sling plate has finally been posted out today! Been looking for those PITA for ages. Can't wait until the rest of my 417 GBB parts are complete and I can get it engraved!
  6. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, trying to get hold of a real steel buffer in the UK might be a bit difficult! Re: adding weight to the stock, I won't bother with it in that case. Just got to wait and see how the new buffer will improve the 417's recoil I guess! On a side note, Badabing:- It was actually because of your Youtube videos on the 417 that made me decide to buy it rather than wait for a WE one (if they ever get round to it!)
  7. Hi everyone, I've recently acquired one of these 417s myself. Is anyone else's 417 giving off a twang after each shot (like a loose spring vibrating)? Judging by all the Youtube videos I have watched so far, everyone else's 417 sounds rather snappy! On a side note, if I were to increase the weight of the stock ie: by filling the slots for batteries with a metal bolt/ washers, or clay.... do you think it will increase the felt recoil even more? Long story short, I intend to make this kick like a mule (as a battle rifle should!) as at the moment it doesn't even compare to my WE M4 with
  8. Where did you get the mag release guard from? I've been looking for one for ages. Is there anywhere that sells them? Cheers
  9. Agreed, although I don't play games, I still use this indoors (killing coke cans ). Fast target aquisition, accurate. Absolutely brilliant!
  10. Very cool BFA. Mind if I ask what it was made of and how much it cost roughly? I might add try and make a BFA if it's not too complicated + expensive.
  11. Yes, unfortunately I have rounded the bar too far (failed the first time thought I didn't file enough of it away, then ended up filing too much). I forgot to mention that. That was why I popped the aluminium in it (to lift the trigger bar so it'll push the trigger block). If I take away the aluminium it doesn't shoot at all since the trigger block will just go straight over the trigger bar. Problem is since I've placed the piece of aluminium there to make sure it'll push the trigger block full auto doesn't work. You can hear the gears trying to move for a bit then sounds like it stop
  12. Hello everyone, Weird question but I've tried the semi auto fix here a few months ago and it worked for a while but failed in the end. Decided to stick some aluminium between the 2 modified parts in the diagram and now semi works most of time but my full auto has died? Does anyone know of a way I can get my full auto back (not too bothered to be honest, I prefer semi anyway). Plus I've also asked this in the mosfet thread but has anyone tried fitting a AWS Scorpion mosfet (link here)? Going to upgrade this gun by adding a spacer kit and thought I should try and fit one o
  13. Nothing special compared to some of the kick *albatross* guns here, but still. PS: (I was playing around with photoshop and ended up with that). Any other ideas on what I should add to it?
  14. Brilliant news! Good job, well deserved!
  15. I feel like an idiot now! I swear I didn't see those when I googled a few weeks ago! (or I'm blind ). Thanks for the links. On another note, anyone willing to sell me their unwanted springs + hooks for less than firesupport + zero one (the cheaper the better, because I'm a cheap b@stard)? Edit: Actually, I just need the springs.
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