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  1. Special Ops

    Tokyo Marui USP Compact

    Thanks everyone. I ordered the Tokyo Marui USP Compact!.
  2. Special Ops

    Tokyo Marui USP Compact

    Thanks. That was one of the primary companies that I was considering!. I do know the Tokyo Marui has Tokyo Marui on the frame, I guess my main turn off with the model sold here in the States, is the white lettering on the frame. I'll check all those models out. Update: Just checked the KWA on their website, I might go with the Tokyo Marui USP Compact since theirs no white lettering at all. Do you recommend using their e-Express shipping method?
  3. Special Ops

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere but I'm just wondering what retailers your ordering from, especially those that received orders here in the States? I ask because I'm getting ready to order a Tokyo Marui USP Compact and even though I'm going to replace the slide and outer barrel with a metal one, I still prefer that the trademarks arrive intact. I'm sorry to post this in the OP thread, I'm not trying to take away from anyones discussions on these's wonderful M&P pistols by Tokyo Marui!.
  4. Special Ops

    Tokyo Marui USP Compact

    Good day everyone!. I'm in the market to purchase a HK USP Compact gas blowback pistol and I'm considering the Tokyo Marui. I was considering the HK USP Compact by KWA since it will ship from retailers within the States, but the excessive white lettering on, not only the slide, but the receiver as well. I've had the pleasure, the honor of owning not just one, but two real steal HK USP full size pistols in my lifetime. I didn't need all those warnings on them, why would I need them on my toy's. I'm sorry, sorry for the rant but I can't do it mates. I can not own one. So I'll have to order a Tokyo Marui HK USP Compact and hope that I will not have any problems with it getting here. I've alway's been impressed with the quality of Tokyo Marui products. Yes I will need to upgrade the slide to a metal one, personnel preference. But is there anything else I should change overtime for using green gas only? It has been years since I've ordered an airsoft gun overseas. One retailer that I'm considering ordering from offers Air Parcel HK Post and e-Express USPS, while the other retailer offers e-Express and Speedpost. I'm wondering if one option is better than the others in terms of fewer problems with shipping into the States?
  5. Special Ops



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