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  1. sorry no other angles click for hi res http://photos.smugmug.com/photos/801127210_S2nKn-O-1.jpg
  2. my recent loadout for a game.
  3. I actually like it. Im surprised by the quality. it feels solid...but also quite heavy
  4. acm. im not crazy. lol. tnx.
  5. thanks for the input. I'll use one of my RAVs for the next one...should I use 3 color desert or SG? I do have a norotos mount for the mich, just have to mount it and paint.
  6. Crye Gen 2 combat shirt and pants toy soldier MICH Merrell Sawtooth The "Hugger" LBT 1961A TCI liberator TT utility belt Safariland 6004 P226 systema M4A1 PTW
  7. I was worried about the fit in the beginning as it was a bit loose and long. but after a washing it shrunk to it's true size. it's also not as loose around the thighs as the gen1. ala MC hammer
  8. forgive my first post in this topic. still needs some finishing touches.
  9. cry, you should not. cant do that to an LMT.
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