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  1. For some reason, the G&P wood kit looks out of proportion...
  2. oh man Brakoo, I feel for you. First it takes you 4-5 months to receive your gun and now it's gonna take you another month or two to get it running. I was wondering - are there any squeeks present when the plastic gun is flexed/stressed? You know, that Marui squeeky sound...
  3. The optic was originally a rubber armoured mil-dot scope in woodland camo. I used Krylon's OD camoflauge spray paint.
  4. Thanks for the comment. The OD scope was done with Krylon OD camo spray paint. If we're talking about the accuracy of the OD shade for this M14, then TM's rendition of the OD color is too dark. Even the military issued OD ground sheet is lighter than the M14's OD stock. Internally, an Action 4oo fps spring is in and a 9.6V 2000mah NiMH medium battery pack is used. I must say I'm very impressed with the gun's accuracy and smooth function. I had a TM AK once and the motor was very whinny despite all the possible adjustments done to the motor height screw. The TM M14 is ver
  5. Very nice detailed pics! Can you take some beauty photos of the entire gun with the box mag?
  6. Sorry, I wasn't too detailed in my previous question... can the ICS AK74 store a large 9.6V 3000mah standard rectangle shaped battery?
  7. Can the ICS AK74 store a large battery in the stock? Is the front trunion made from metal?
  8. Is it possible for the M249 para to fit a socom silencer when the flash supressor is removed? Will the gas regulator be in the way?
  9. M4SD Marksman More pics ---> http://www.pbase.com/m4sd/m4sd_marksman
  10. MP5KA4 More pictures ---> http://www.pbase.com/mp5ka4/mp5ka4
  11. c'mon folks, lets see some pics of your custom gun cases!
  12. So, this looks like a harmless Ibanez Electric Guitar Case. I could walk around town with this and nobody would care. Heck, some stranger might even ask to check out my guitar -- but that's where the problem begins! First of all, the case could either hold a guitar, or it could hold: ... nothing! a G36K! a M16 SPR! a M4A1 Sopmod Kit! a M870A1 TPS! a MP5A3! During road trips, that is where my guns live. Where do your guns call home?
  13. Wow, I saw the video on Airsoft GI about the rate of fire... Staticzero, is there any wear on the piston from firing the SP120 w/ Intellect 9.6v 3800mAh NiMh battery? (1272 Rounds Per Second) If so, can you show a pic of the piston. From what I know about airsoft guns, when I hear a rate of fire like that I know my piston is being chewed up. I will be fielding a similar setup, and I want to know that my piston won't mess up.
  14. You should use a large battery -- and in this case a 8.4V battery will do. If you plan to use a large 9.6V, you'll strip the piston because the gears will spin much faster than the piston can return to battery. To use a large 9.6V safely, you gotta use a 4XX fps spring.
  15. Sorry folks, I'd move the post over to existing threads but I don't have clearance to do so. Yes you're right. But since this is airsoft, and since the CA870 series can only shoot one projectile per shot, I chose to decribe it's name to fit the CA870's nature.
  16. Remington M870-A1 TPS (Tactical Precision Shotgun) More Pictures --> http://www.pbase.com/m870a1/m870a1 Consider this weapon as a mildly upgraded VSR-10 housed in the sleek designs of a shotgun. For more details, descriptions, and pictures, please visit the above link. Please leave you comments about my custom creation!
  17. More Pictures --> http://www.pbase.com/g36kv/g36kv - Classic Army G36K - Guarder foregrip rails - G&P KAC Vertical grip - G&P G36 folding battery stock - Systema 6.04 tight bore barrel extended to the tip of the flashider - MAG G36 magazine (100 round capacity) - 8.4V 3000mah NiMH large battery - Deans connectors
  18. Staticzero, Can you show a pic of the flashider removed from the barrel. Suppose you wanted a full length barrel, do you think it would look semi-authentic if you were to buy a M4 barrel extention and thread it onto the STAR M249 para? If so, this would be an economic way to modify the LMG depending on the senario being played. I'm planning on buying the STAR M249 Para. I love the para stock, but I also want a full length barrel.
  19. Raygis LasVegas


    Awsome tactical AK, man!
  20. Ok, try out these links: http://www.airsoftcanada.com/gallery/displ...hp?imageid=1797 http://www.airsoftcanada.com/gallery/displ...hp?imageid=1798 http://www.airsoftcanada.com/gallery/displ...hp?imageid=1801
  21. Please post your pics of shotties with optics. To start off, here's mine... CA870 with Aimpoint http://www.pbase.com/rlv_combat870/combat_870 http://www.pbase.com/rlv_combat870_2/combat_870
  22. Raygis LasVegas


    Is the reciever, trigger guard, barrel and magazine tube made from metal? Very nice gun btw.
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