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  1. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks man Oh, and mamba: that's a really nice piece, but pleeease remove the picture with it in the MEU box, it ruins it all
  2. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

    Hehe, thanks man
  3. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thank you! I actually find them to fit quite perfectly. No wobble whatsoever... but if you don't use metal frame and slide that might be the problem as their products are tailor made for each other. I always think it is best to stick to one manufacturer as far as possible, for that exact reason. That way you're guaranteed a perfect fit. So, go get one of their conversion kits now
  4. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

    Here are side views for you. As for other angles, I'll be doing them soon.
  5. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

    I went for a blank chamber, to keep it nice and simple. Seeing that the gun is obviously made from a Springfield base it would be logical to assume there were SA markings on the chamber but then again Vickers is known not to leave too many marks on his custom work. After weighing the two options, I fell for the clean and simple one. I'll be taking a few more pictures in a while, stay tuned for updates
  6. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks for the praise, I'm glad you like it! To be honest I'm not aware of what kind of 1911 other people attempting CAG impressions choose. I did some research on different 1911's including Wilson Combat, Nighthawk and Kimber as well as private custom shops but when I saw gun in the inspirational photograph I fell for it. Seeing that Vickers is a most respected gunsmith as well as the fact that he has made several pistols for and even trained Delta operators in small arms technique after his retirement from the unit made it an obvious choice. Photographic evidence is pretty much nonexistent however, as it is pretty much impossible to tell in detail what kind of 1911 are used. Besides, it varies from operator to operator since the 1911 is bought through a grant the operator receives when antering the unit. So, it is nothing issued at all; it is very much OP.
  7. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

  8. Seraphein

    1911 Picture Thread

    LA Vickers Custom 1911. I built this for my upcoming CAG impression. ________________________________________________________________________________ _______ TM MEU base Nova LA Vickers Custom conversion kit (cnc aluminium) Nova Kimber Barrel bushing (stainless steel) Nova Recoil spring plug (stainless steel) Nova SA Beaver tail (steel) Nova Vickers housing magwell (steel) Nova Ambidextrous safety (steel) Nova Slide stop (steel) Nova Mag catch (steel) Shooter's Design Stainless steel outer barrel Shooter's Design Stainless steel chamber Shooter's Design Stainless steel valve knocker PDI hammer (steel) PDI trigger (cnc aluminium) PDI .01 inner barrel PDI sear (steel) PDI piston head ProHandgun steel trigger ring Guarder 150% recoil & hammer springs RS wood grips Wilson Combat mag bases Stainless steel pins And here's my inspiration, built by Larry Vickers himself:
  9. Seraphein

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Greenside SEAL/SWCC inspired. I say inspired since I use a RRV+Backplate+Cummerbund+PACA configuration which I'm not sure any of the above units use (they use marciras).
  10. Seraphein

    Pics of your Gear

    Moved to Games/Events.
  11. Seraphein

    SIG Picture Thread

    This is my all-metal and wood beauty. Sig Sauer P226 Tactical With Advanced Armaments Evolution suppressor (KA)

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