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  1. welcome to arnies pal also im defo looking forward to the next longmoor game. as the northern ireland game was absolutely wicked and well run by some great people.

  2. al can you send me a pm with you email cheers bud got another question for you and its not letting me send any messages on here for some reason

  3. felts27


  4. very close but no its forkhill south armagh
  5. a pic from awa herts this is the missus and my mate errol
  6. and you would be very much correct on that one grim
  7. From left to right: .22 lr, .380 auto, .38 special, 9mm, .357 magnum, .40 S&W, .45 acp, .44 magnum, 7.62x39mm, 8mm ok you compare then but it is to big to be a 9mm i think it looks more like a .45 cal dummy round
  8. my thoughts as well on this as he is holding a 9mm beretta and that round is not a 9mm but good pics and a plus for effort dude keep up the great work lord sex
  9. here is my land ciras being modelled by the missus latest aquirement is the hydration unit and before you all say now that is not where the knice will be staying
  10. yeah just realised the last post for this thread was back in 2005 lolol
  11. some real steel pics from my army days at various postings
  12. this is my ride it is spacious and comfy has great milage and can carry all my equipment too plus friends if they need a lift and no one gets in the way when they see it coming and it gets me from a to b and back again door to door no road tax no insurance or petrol and i dont need to pay congestion charges or that fact even parking
  13. i didnt stutter when i typed that it is a we 1911 full metal cqb
  14. ok got a new stock in on my krylon so here are the touch ups on the scar its coming along need a bit more i have been using card board cut outs of digi pattern and they are working ok
  15. yeah my tape didnt do its job very well lol but its not finished yet but im doing it for my desert load out im being original so i decided to paint that cause it was my first gun i bought and i love it
  16. ok a few more ofthe skar and also my glock 19 just an experiment
  17. dude dont worry i will be as i was ordered to paint it by big al lol but need to get dark brown and more sand dune krylon then i can finish it i can spray any more until i get them
  18. well neeed to get some more krylon first dude lolol wait til im done you will see trust me
  19. working on the krylon job on my skar not finished yet due to running out of sand dune will post the fininshed product soon
  20. does anyone have a link where i can get a Norotos mount for nvgs other than ebay
  21. umm last time i checked i do believe that green berets are special forces
  22. for some reason this didnt make on the last post and i dont know why but here is the afgan war rug
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