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  1. Who is still making outer barrels for these guns, I have a few uppers I want to build....
  2. It is some form of launcher built by the field, they use it to sim an RPG. For this game I was playing as an "Adviser" (basically an NPC, we issue missions to the teams and are worth points so they need to protect us). The team had to land a rocket on or in a particular house in the village, in order to earn points/gain an advtange for doing it an Adviser had to witness it.
  3. But its 5.11, the cargo pockets are sized to fit AR Mags perfect!
  4. More from OP:SF, most of these were posed on the field........ Zoned out and disoriented after the Admins set off a huge banger in a subway tunnel, with only a soft barely audible "Fire in the hole"......
  5. New back-pack setup for a new load-out I'm working on, the idea is to build and fight in a kit that I could sustain myself with. Kifaru E&E -OPS-Core Fast-Bump -E-Lite -Norotos TATM -DIY Nod Retention Lanyard -SOG Seal Pup Inside, is a hydro bladder tucked at the way back, PVS-14s stowed, Blackhawk Grid Fleece, Spare Trousers, Jet Boil with 3x Fuel, French Press and Tea, and Utensil Set for it, ENO Hammock, and ENO Atlas Straps. Haven't decided on what I want for a snack/food pouch but it'll go under the OPS-Core of safekeeping.
  6. We didn't get to run one, but that was another issue altogether, we drove 18hrs each way for this game and spent a buttload of money, to get stuck in a cool AO with no command structure, no support, and no admin/ref support I could go on about it and I did in my AAR to MGP staff, at this point in time I would not go to another MGP event even if they comp'd travel expenses.
  7. At OP: Sovereign Fury, one of the worst run games I've ever been too.
  8. Unit patch is some form of VDV Recon, these guys use it as a team patch since its pretty obscure/disused now-a-days.
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