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  1. Hell no. 5.11 singles for me, though viper singles work too. Nothing that tightly fits a glock mag or the like will take a 5.7 mag.
  2. 280 is too low, is that because of the creation thing? Mine was 330 in stock form and is now 360 with a PDI 6.01.
  3. which stainless outer did you get?
  4. I've just had a PDI 6.01 put in mine and it's really sweet. 357fps. But be very careful with what BBs you put down a 6.01. Mine likes KSC perfect 0.30s.
  5. I think we've pretty much established this as THE winter GBB pistol. It's awesome.
  6. must have been blimmin' cold, I'd expect about 260 on .25s in those conditions!
  7. greg, you're some kind of golden god! wanna do that to mine! What do you say we prise open my KWA MP7, check out the barrel's hop opening, and take a tightbore M4 barrel and dremel a suitable aperture for the hop out of it? save waiting for the manufacturers to get round to it....
  8. I got such epic kills today with my 5.7. I love it so much.
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