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  1. Probably buying a OD frame/slide combo.

    Might anyone be interested, I'm looking into upping the FPS of this 5-7.

    I have opted to increase the barrel a bit and hiding this into a silencer, but no go.

    The First outer barrel with 14mm + adapter is Alu and will be too weak when drilled trough to make a longer inner barrel fit.

    Hopefully a Guarder steel threaded barrel would fix this.


    Also I've installed that Creation Alu Innerslide... Kicks even more :). That's all it does though.

    I have yet to see any effect of the PDI 6.01 Palsonite in to gun too. Hopefully I can tell you more by tomorrow.


    Now, waiting for Guarder to release a 150% hammer spring to get the full effect of the Green gas I'm using. (I'm getting 280 FPS now )


    280 is too low, is that because of the creation thing? Mine was 330 in stock form and is now 360 with a PDI 6.01.

  2. greg, you're some kind of golden god! wanna do that to mine!


    What do you say we prise open my KWA MP7, check out the barrel's hop opening, and take a tightbore M4 barrel and dremel a suitable aperture for the hop out of it? save waiting for the manufacturers to get round to it....

  3. I skirmished my Five seveN for the first time tonight.


    It rocked.


    In cool temp tunnels underground, on green gas, it was snappy, tight, had great recoil and shot very straight. I think it's the closest thing i've ever got to real gun shooting in airsoft, yet. Obviously the kick isn't 9mm hard, but it's HARD for airsoft. And the gas cloud was hella cool.


    I applied a little silicon oil to the magazine spring and worked the spring a few times after i got a couple of stoppages where the BB hadn't been pushed right up. No problems after the lubing.


  4. That's pretty good shootin'.


    Funny how the mags are huge, but the grip don't feel that huge. I find things like hi-capas a little too big for my hands, yet this thing felt ok.


    I think the extra power will be great for places like Epsom or UKAP where the cold leaves most Maruis a little lack luster.


    & I love that it does so many rounds on a fill.


    How many rounds in the mag?


    Guessing between 25 & 30, so at least 2 reloads per gas fill?


    Excellent, as this means just a speed loader & no additional gas for pistol games. :D


    If I can get booking confirmation, I'm taking the KSC to Epsom tomorrow, should be a hoot.





    I just measured it, it's more like 3" :)


    There's 24, 26 if you squeeze 'em in real tight (i don't like to) - but there is a genuine 3 reloads per fill. w00t!


    You're gonna have to run that baby on 134 down there ain't ya? I'm going down in a couple of weeks too to give this and my leccy MP7 a good outing.



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