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  1. Guys the NPAS made by RATECH for the MP7 was designed to DECREASE THE FPS not increase it. It is adjustable so you can dial in the desired low FPS setting.

    I can shoot 4 full mags on 1 full charge. Temp. here is 31 C.


    Temp almost everywhere else = not 31 C.

  2. This is my npas


    Got an email from them saying they are re designing the npas, so this will be a new version or will this new one be a version 3 ?


    I know the one i ordered had curved edges not straight like mine and they said that was version 2




    Yeah that's a V2, like the one I have sitting on my desk.

  3. Anyone have any idea what a stock (now) KWA MP7 with the rocket valve spring from the NPAS set installed will do FPS wise? I believe someone mentioned that this spring lowered FPS, but I may be imagining things.


    When Greg & I did this on my KWA, that RA Tech spring lowered the upper FPS to something terrible like 300 down from 400. My stock KWA (US) spring was much weaker in strength than the RA-Tech one, and also weaker than the KSC Japan one that greg had. The different results we got were fairly clear - weaker spring, higher FPS.

  4. it's the RA-Tech spring! it's too strong! don't file down the NPAS or anything...crimson, you probably already have a V2 NPAS. I have mentioned in the NPAS thread about how the spring that comes with it is way too strong. Use the one that came with your gun.

  5. Sorry to hear that Kruck - but at least RA Tech are good enough to replace them, as they have in my case. Of course, Greg's will still be going strong like his KSC nozzle did....and then break about three months after everyone else's ;)

  6. Iiiiiinteresting.....my V2 NPAS arrived today and it's significantly different to V1. V1 was a sort of slightly countersunk looking device - this one looks much thicker in the collar. Hope it stands up!

  7. Probably buying a OD frame/slide combo.

    Might anyone be interested, I'm looking into upping the FPS of this 5-7.

    I have opted to increase the barrel a bit and hiding this into a silencer, but no go.

    The First outer barrel with 14mm + adapter is Alu and will be too weak when drilled trough to make a longer inner barrel fit.

    Hopefully a Guarder steel threaded barrel would fix this.


    Also I've installed that Creation Alu Innerslide... Kicks even more :). That's all it does though.

    I have yet to see any effect of the PDI 6.01 Palsonite in to gun too. Hopefully I can tell you more by tomorrow.


    Now, waiting for Guarder to release a 150% hammer spring to get the full effect of the Green gas I'm using. (I'm getting 280 FPS now )


    280 is too low, is that because of the creation thing? Mine was 330 in stock form and is now 360 with a PDI 6.01.

  8. if you check out the KWA forums, KWA USA have their own about to some out, and it has a rather useful collar for a spanner/pliers so you can get your threading right. Given the CCW/CW nature, that RF one and the Novat one I have do have an annoying tendency to undo the adapter from the gun as you screw on the tracer/silencer. The collar can obviously stop that happening as you can hold the adapter still while attaching.

  9. Wow £30 for G&P and £60 for a china soft ACM aimpoint WTF ?


    How does that work out?


    Thanks for that greg can you make me a protector for it when i come see you ?


    Galactica- I think i saw your micro aimpoint at the mall on the riser but when the sights are folded down does that mean they dont match ?


    Obviously they don't co-witness when they're in "pistol" mode, but then pistol sight is pistol sights, and then there's adjustable irons isn't there? Without the riser, maybe a T1 would co-witness with the pistol sights, but I don't use it like a pistol, like a sniper trying to get out of the s**t, I use it like an SMG.

  10. I likes the T1 with riser. Why? it co-witnesses with the irons perfectly, and the sight picture comes up real easy with stock in the shoulder. Without the riser it's too low for me, have to hold the gun too high.

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