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  1. what fps do you get from the SD valve?
  2. depends what you term as "best" really. Trades: KSC Japan Performance: KWA Taiwan (also sometimes called a KSC Taiwan, much confusion)
  3. one simply HAS to have two, dahlink! it's terribly fashion-forward.
  4. the mags are in a bit short supply, owing to how everyone's realised how awesome the gun is and with the KSC version's green gas problem fixed. You need to keep an eye out at the small HK places I think. Or the US KWA mags in US stores. I have 6 mags myself, because I was an early adopter
  5. I think we've pretty much established this as THE winter GBB pistol. It's awesome.
  6. must have been blimmin' cold, I'd expect about 260 on .25s in those conditions!
  7. I got some water down my barrel into the hop when I was out last time, which made it pretty much no-hop. It was lashing it down though. Could it have been water?
  8. greg, you're some kind of golden god! wanna do that to mine! What do you say we prise open my KWA MP7, check out the barrel's hop opening, and take a tightbore M4 barrel and dremel a suitable aperture for the hop out of it? save waiting for the manufacturers to get round to it....
  9. Bulle triple dual MP5 pouches. Perfect fit for single MP7s.
  10. yeah only KSC sell the 20 rounders.
  11. jesTer, check that you aren't having a bit of friction between the nozzle and part #34...
  12. NPAS are on their way from RA-Tech!
  13. i really should not post when it's that late. Inevitably I am drunk.
  14. i use these http://www.israeli-weapons.com/store/rifle_slings/p10.htm
  15. only that the NPAS should be here early part of this week! will be over as soon as poss
  16. 1. Not an AEG 2. yes, my KSC has had a new nozzle and is perfect. I made sure to follow the instructions to cut notches for the springs and it's fine. Had to widen one part with a file a little bit. That is all. The KSC is 134a until you get a readyfighter or other solution.
  17. I'm just going to try to clear this up for the last time. KSC doesn't own any of KWA. KWA do OEM for many, not all, KSC guns. USPs and Glocks primarily. They also make parts for other guns not fully made by KWA. They also OEM for other people, as in Western Arms in the past. All new models are not released first by KSC, as evidenced by the Umarex KWA version being released in Germany first. There certainly exist a few old-school-tie relationships in the east, which led to the KSC Taiwan version being in existence to exploit the KSC brand in certain markets where KSC don't strictly
  18. it's actually the part #34 that has the issues, the guns were produced in different batches with different nozzles and there are three different variations that we know of. The ReadyFighter part is, to the best of anyone's knowledge, from one production run. It needs grooves cutting for the springs to sit in. My KSC Japan model needed #34 widening to take the RF part, Greg's did not.
  19. what the hell is dynema? and what material did you use for your spoon retainer? my thread just burnt to a crisp immediately!
  20. the advice above may not apply to all models of the MP7, so be careful, or you'll get a too-sloppy fit. My part 34 did have to be widened with a file to accomodate the RF nozzle. Greg's did not.
  21. This is not what i'd call a problem - 0.20s are really only useful indoors for sub 1J guns, or perhaps in a SAW. And chronoing. If you're running something capable of 430fps, you really, really want to be using heavier ammo. You can do great things indeed.
  22. plus a photo of hellboy's fist in that massive grip.
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