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  1. Used mine in anger for the first time today. Initially I was down on the reloading procedure, but HELL they are the absolute nuts to use. I am getting it down to maybe 90 seconds using some needlenose pliers from my trouser pocket. I also have to work out a durable line to use to keep the spoon with the nade body, as the many threads of cotton I used first off just blew to bits on the first ever throw! I got such good kills with it though - it's light enough not to hurt anyone, but so much more throwable than a cardboard pyro. Really loving it now, will get a second one ASAP.
  2. I got such epic kills today with my 5.7. I love it so much.
  3. err.....mostly american? More research required I think.
  4. Small cold weather test this morning - in the KWA which is 365fps at room temp. filled mag with green, left outside for 10 minutes in 5deg. Used .25s. FPS readings were between 285 at top of the mag and 240 on the bottom. Call it a 260fps average. This converted to an fps for a .20 would be 290fps.
  5. I do fine with a TM Stanag speed loader just sitting over the feed lips. Load slowly and they fall correctly. Takes about 30 seconds per mag.
  6. (nozzle, not muzzle) and yes. Why shouldn't it? Bolt lock is only broken my a knackered BB follower on the magazine.
  7. well well, looky here: clever ol' RA TECH. An adjustable rocket valve. Adjustable through the barrel. Very clever guys. It also looks like they've modded their bolt to provide easy access to the springs on the nozzle, and replaced the allen bolts with screws. A Readyfighter nozzle is still needed by KSC owners, but with one of these in there, you have a gun for all occasions! Marvellous.
  8. Small FPS update concerning the different versions. After the new nozzle and a thorough re-lube yesterday, the barrels & hops needed a bit of a clear-out. After that, this is the result: Room temperature. 0.25 BBs calculated up for 0.20 equivalent. Averages over 10 shots, midway through a mag's gas capacity. KSC Japan 320 fps. KWA USA 365 fps. Clearly the nylon-looking white rocket valve and possibly the cylinder volume from cup position is the difference between the two.
  9. you're in luck - Dentrinity have them in. 3rd page when you do a search for "mp7a1"
  10. He used cotton and a needle. No issues.
  11. so this afternoon, Greg very kindly changed my nozzle/cylinder for me to the Warfighter one, as I have useless sausage fingers. We examined the bolt of the KSC Japan and the KWA USA models. There was no difference in the housing, both the same metal. The new nozzle fit the cylinder of my KSC better than it did Gregs, but interestingly the guide fin on the top didn't sit in its runner correctly, we had to file out some space in the runner. This was not true of Greg's bolt. Interesting that the tolerances should be so far out between batch 1 (greg's) and batch 2 (mine). The cy
  12. what about eliminating the AE BBs? are they not a common factor right now?
  13. yeah, i've never had a double-feed. Something is up.
  14. Damn, too much gin. Of course it is. Still don't understand why you're not getting the results we are, though I've never tried any of the bbs you mention.
  15. if you're only shooting 25 metres (150 ft) before the BB has dropped, you have a lemon. There is something badly wrong.
  16. Oh I forgot to mention....the KWA US supplied mag has no HK on the baseplate, but is a silent-fill mag, unlike the KSC.
  17. This just in from KWA USA: >>> We have received a couple reports on MP7 Bolt Catch fail to lock when magazine is empty. The problem is due to damaging the BB Follower by continuously slamming/springing the BB Follower when magazine is empty. >>> So, don't be doing that then. Terrific performance from my KWA US this weekend in the chilly countryside. Just marvellous. Warfighter nozzle goes in the KSC on Tuesday, and there shall be pics.
  18. Just to say, comparing it to a KJ M4 is a bit like saying "well this BMW M3 is ok, but it's not as fast as this McLaren F1" - the KJ is the result of Tanio Koba's last great design, and unless you've done something to reduce it, is running quite a lot higher FPS than the mp7. I should be able to take photos of the ksc and kwa rocket valves next Tuesday.
  19. Let's just get one thing straight. The MP7 is very, very accurate. Read greg's review at the top of this thread. it is totally, utterly, different to the regular old KSC/KWA pistol hops. Totally. It's as accurate as any out-of-the-box AEG. With my real steel EoTech on it, I can shoot to 50m and keep the BB inside the MOA circle. I have hopped mine in with madbull .25s and it flies straight. I also have a new TM 5/7, their most powerful gun to date, and very accurate, and the MP7 betters it for accuracy. I hope you are reassured. I want a tightbore for my 5/7 and I want one f
  20. 430? sheesh, how warm was it? ! Must say, when mine's in the shoulder the full auto groups are still impressive for something with recoil. Whole different story one handed of course.
  21. hmm, battlestar galactica-tastic! I approve!
  22. there's a couple of lucky ones out there...well, in fact, just you on Arnies - so I guess you got lucky! greg's went for a long time too. I personally believe that most of the first 1500 guns were either faulty or only manufactured for 134a use. many of them are wallhangers until the summer arrives again.
  23. yes, there's a new cylinder/loading nozzle, check the news forum. You will likely be needing one soon!
  24. And lo, I just got the acetone out. The Umarex copyright notice will disappear - but so will some of the finish of the surface. Yikes! well, it's not too bad...but just to let you all know. It just looks really care-worn in that area already. And the big news is....in the news forum. Someone's made a new loading nozzle. It's white, and supposedly can handle all the way up to red gas. I've made contact and hope to get one or two soon.
  25. Got my KWA today. It feels great. Just as good as KSC. It might be imagination, but the cocking noise is better on the KWA. Further comparisons, and "will that umarex copyright notice disappear?" will follow...If i locate my wife's acetone,it might vanish very quickly...
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