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  1. somegirls, have you got that sling mount? Want one, but slightly worried that the metal loop will bend out of the swivel over time like my MP5K one did, and drop the gun on some concrete.
  2. why not ask them, since you have manufacturers in mind?
  3. they were mostly out-of-stock everywhere a couple of weeks ago...I paid through the nose at Redwolf. It's cheaper to buy them from Airsoft Armoury than abroad (if they have stock).
  4. My KWA has been shipped at last, so in about a week to 10 days I should be able to do a thorough comparative review.
  5. LordElpus, you make a good point. I must clean my TM out, it will have got a thorough coating at the weekend
  6. yes, but the Germanic crowd don't get to see the KSC version because it's full auto, which is illegal there. So they're kind of an Island in this respect! You and I might be among the first to see the two together as you're getting a KSC in the US and I'm getting a KWA imported from the US to here. KWA claim their part is super-reinforced for green gas, in a way the KSC is not, so this will indeed be interesting. I'll be ordering Part #23 for my KSC from the KWA shop as soon as it's proved itself in my KWA.
  7. To my knowledge only Greg has gotten away with prolonged (FA) use so far. My 2nd KSC blew today Not tried 134a. Don't know yet about the cylinders, Duckling's one is seemingly OK so far. If there's no spare MP7 at my retailer I may fit one of my spare cyls and see. I don't think there'll be many KWA owners who've handled a KSC yet...wait a few days for them to get out there!
  8. My information is from 22nd sept, so I guess they may have got out by now - AirsoftGI are listing as in stock now. The box is a great deal nicer than the KSC one!
  9. It's from the horse's mouth on the KWA USA forums. There are no Umarex/KWA MP7s in the channel anywhere but the semi-auto ones in Germany.
  10. some small news: The KWAs are STILL in customs, "they may be too realistic". !!!!
  11. My KWA is the one getting monkeyed with, not the KSC. (If it ever gets out of US customs to get INTO the US)
  12. FYI, I ordered 2 spare cylinders from Dentrinity last wednesday and they arrived today - $17.50 each plus shipping. The cylinders that arrived ARE stamped/cast with the "MP7" lettering. My replacement MP7 hasn't blown yet, I hope it never does, but it's nice having the parts available at a moment's notice. Especially if there's going to be rocket valve & long barrel experimentation going on
  13. So Redwolf and A2 are recommending regular lubing of the piston cup (with silicon spray) - like, after every day's use. I'm keen to keep up my maintenance on this lovely wep. However, I am a klutz with takedowns and a little bit worried. Redwolf's guide is OK-ish but a little bit vague and assumes knowledge I don't have - like, how to keep the hammer down. Is it possible (I guess i'm asking Duckling here!) to lube this area without a full takedown? like, through the magwell or the ejection port? With a long nozzle on the silicon can, perhaps...
  14. My new babies - sorry for the FN intrusion!
  15. It's a mixture, I know...but it gets to go in two threads!
  16. WELL! I got a KSC today, despite there being a KWA on its way to me. I guess in a week or two I can do a real comparative review. So I filled up my three mags with HFC green and got on with it. What a lovely gun! Great noise, enough recoil to make it fun, and looks like the accuracy will be pretty good once the hop's bedded in. I did 12 mags on semi with a couple of FA bursts, no problems. Thought I was OK. THEN. I did two mags through on FA. Cylinder fracked. As I bought it from A2 I just went straight back and returned it for another one. I know it might onl
  17. I don't think so Greg - been discussing this at the weekend with techy minded types. There's every chance it'd be a 450-500fps weapon with a carbine-length tightbore. A very *nasty* gun indeed!
  18. It will no doubt reassure the KSC owners to hear that the first KWA has gone bang (in a bad way) in the US. *edit* false alarm, it is in fact a KSC.
  19. where did you get spares from? how much were they?
  20. Just got my chrono this morning, so worth posting: 5-7 is 325fps on the nose. Wonderful.
  21. I don't think it's under discussion that it'd fit your gun - that's a pretty sure thing. However, the lack of MP7 lettering moulded into the nozzle would suggest that the KWA is indeed a different nozzle in some way.
  22. Ok...we need a definite shot of the area where the "MP7" is cast on the KSC, and the same area on the KWA. That will confirm - separate molds, perhaps different material.
  23. as far as you feel like going!
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