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  1. My gearz, either worn with desert MARPAT or a Flight Suit, Kinda based off old school Force Recon, although not entirely accurate.
  2. if you think it is high, then it is high otherwise, it is fine wear it how it is comfy, otherwise you'll be miserable at the end of the day don't let a bunch of people on computers tell you how to wear your gear
  3. Some from a small game today the last one is at the end of the day, hence why i have no eye pro
  4. me at a game in Star, NC this past weekend I'm the one in the flightsuit and yes that guy is running around with a knife and pistol, which he did the entire game
  5. ^epic wish we got some snow here in NC
  6. lol @ teh AK pic and I do believe it is an Eagle, not Pantac correct me if im wrong justin
  7. awesome 1st pic there stuntman with the blur effect
  8. my loadout from a game a week or two ago my PMC/ATF agent(as my team mates called it) it was after the game so i was not wearing eyepro
  9. sweet ride medic what kind of truck is that?
  10. id leave the pistol in the safariland i love safarilands, so im a bit biased def need an American Flag for your top but other than that, i am still in love almost makes me want to get a Mk12 and ACUs
  11. newhotness, i love that loadout i think it is your best so far
  12. is that a FAL in your first pic appslapp? it looks sweet
  13. it is that is why you should donate some to my "I don't have enough gear and what more" fund
  14. tru dat that is sick man might i ask why you had all those guns?
  15. looks nice havoc the only time i would ever wear ACU is with tan/cb gear this is going to be a noob question but what exactly is the War and Peace Show?
  16. joe, all your gear am teh bestest i want it grimm, looks nice what kind of camo is that?
  17. Jaager already corrected me i thought he was talking about the vehicle a bunch of russians were standing on oh well nice P90 load
  18. at zulu: it is a BMP, a Russian APC my friend got lucky with getting a LAW his dad was in the army and brought home to expended tubes from training load looks good with it
  19. SACSlym, hahahaha are you going off that google pic of the Somali with the life jacket firing his AK in the middle of the street?
  20. at Jaager, in the 3rd pick, does your AK have a mag in it? at choffman, id get a issued ACU under shirt, it would look better with the ACUs and would prob help you blend in better but the ACU doesnt stick out too bad there both great sets of pics though
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