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  1. Sorry if this question's already been asked, but what rig is more comfortable: a loaded-up Mar CIRAS, or a loaded-up MBSS+PACA?
  2. Ninja828, you can always get a Lexan lens protector for one of these sights - I think they're mentioned in the EOtech picture thread. Something to invest in, in my opinion, since I'd rather replace a $1 square of Plexiglass than a $70 sight.
  3. Nice review, mate. I might look into getting a set of these for an upcoming project.
  4. Lovin' that setup, Kiki-Jiki. One question, though - what the *fruitcage* is Megaforce?
  5. D'oh! That's what I get for not paying attention... This is the part where I feel like an idiot. Annnnnnnd..... there we go. Thanks for your help, and sorry to waste forum space with this!
  6. I had a thread posted in the US Sales and Trades section, and I'm also in the process of purchasing a gun advertised there. For some reason, it isn't there anymore. My posts are gone, the thread is gone, and I can't even see the forum anymore. Something up?
  7. Echo 2, that is one of the best looking SCARs I have ever seen.
  8. thevenom, I'm not too sure how I feel about that bottom rifle. I love masterkeys, but they don't look right on a rifle with RIS and a Crane stock IMO.
  9. Is it possible to fit an aftermarket frontset to one of these? Be a great base for a quick and dirty AKS-74!
  10. Everywhere in the PMC picture thread...
  11. Nice kit, everyone. Not a big fan of the tac vest w/o a PACA, EOL, but that's just my personal taste. I'm still a MC virgin, but that'll change once my *fruitcaging* stuff sells...
  12. The A2 was burst-capable; the A1 had the fully-automatic function, I think. Not entirely sure, so correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. I've heard that the CA G3's have a nasty habit of the stocks breaking (the threads stripping, I think), that their hopup drum is loose, resulting in backoff; and that the upper reciever is a PITA to separate from the lower. The stock and hopup issues are really the only things keeping me from a CA G3A3 instead of a capitalist M4. Are they easily fixable? I'd much rather have a G3; I find them incredibly sexah.
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