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  1. THE! best seller i have met on any forum, super fast dispatch A1 condition and items as described. Thanks dude!

  2. Top trader, extremely rapid to despatch. Goods as described.

  3. Great seller, friendly and insanely rapid at sending items! Cheeers!!!

  4. Great guy to deal with quick replys and a great trader

    Cheers Mike

  5. Well, this is my loadout for PR3 in April! You will have to excuse me as the plate for the plate carrier have not been inserted and no mags in the pouches
  6. Great guy even thought I didn't guy anything off him was very helpful

  7. A1 trader! Good comms and a pleasure to do business with.

    Many thanks

  8. Dude, I'm almost the same size as you and I have both the real and replica TAD jackets and in terms of sizes, I took the following sizes: Real - Medium Replica - Large Hope this helps!
  9. Masakarijoe hit the nail on the head, apparently the gearbox is TM compatible and what he meant bu unique is that the SOPMOD uses only Star M14 mags and they only come in hicaps. There are very few retailers who sells the mags, try ehobby asia as they stock them! Hope this helps! Crunchy Bunny, you have a good eye for details!
  10. Dude, it is indeed the Star SOPMOD, fire away with the questions!
  11. Reincarnation, it's a Warrior PLB molle belt from these guys, it's padded on the inside so it doesn't dig into you when it gets too heavy and I've also attached HSGI suspenders to alleviate the weight! http://www.uktactical.com/acatalog/New_PLB_Belt.html
  12. LOL, I know, Navy Seal submachine gun!
  13. I took these last night and I'm not too sure how I would discribe this loadout, probably ' crazy dude with nothing to do' loadout!
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