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  1. OK, used my G&P MK46 Mod O replica in a skirmish yesterday for the first time. Aside from a dying 9v. battery to drive the boxmag everything went really well. G&P includes a 9v battery to run the boxmag, but, I'll venture a guess that it is not a very high quality battery. I went back to the car to change the 9v and after a quick switch the gun ran strong without skipping or misfeeding when using a 8.4v 3000 Mah NiMh pack. The gun chronoed 384 FPS stock. Distance, range and rate of fire were all very satisfying. BBs spread into a nice pattern about 4 ft circular around 40 yards allowin
  2. Here is a new pic of my revised gear load-out: (Some people seem to think that real gear manufacturers didn't make MARPAT gear)
  3. Heh, Marpat works better than Cadpat where I live in Texas. Plus, our team uniform is Marpat. If I lived in Canada, I might feel differently. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also have a similar load-out in Coyote Brown, and ACU.
  4. Here are some picts of my new loadout. The Motorola Saber III and TCI TTMK are on loan. Includes: Phantom Maritime replica CIRAS, ESSTAC Marpat pouches, Paraclete pouches, CB Danner Desert Arcadia's, Issue MCCU's,
  5. I have used both 8.4v 1400 mah Intellect stick and 9.6v 1400 mah Intellect stick. I've never had an issue with battery life. I tend to shoot up to 6 G36 highcaps per day. I also have a UMP with a 9.6v 1400 mah side by side battery which I think might fit, but I have not tried it.
  6. It is the CA. In the last week, I've procured the AG36 + the full length rifle RAS. The new Intellect 1400 Mah batteries (AK stick type) fit well into both. As soon as some of my other items sell, I am gonna pickup one of the KSK rails. For those interested, the CA AG36 is designed to fit the full length G36 rifle. To make it fit on to a "k" you will need to cut away some of the metal between the front tabs.
  7. Here is my project so far:
  8. I want to locate a real HK KSK rail.
  9. Who knows where I can actually buy one of the KSK rails, also known as aluminum short rail?
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