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  1. That is aweschum! If I could carry that around I so would aswell!
  2. In game pics at Elites new site in Bexley. Had a great time and look foward to returning! Photos by Hooper Photography Big guy + Small PC = pretty odd looking photos
  3. Will milsimmers and Normal players ever get along?

  4. Looking BA mate, showing nicely on my comp. big thanks D
  5. Legend mate, Buzzsaw loving the loadout! the mish mash of colours work aswell.
  6. that last one would make a great wallpaper, do you have a hi rez? cheers D
  7. defo puts the poos into the oppo when we kick doors in
  8. Ta Events CC1 Sennybridge, USMC QRF (in story) SAW Gunner
  9. im sure no ones gonna give you a airsoft yellow card for having a open utility pouch
  10. shooting your 1911 sideways was just PURE GHETTO SKILLZ aswell
  11. i wudda thought the velcro is there incase the strap fails! but its a neat idea as you never know
  12. wernt really feeling the skull clava... From PR3 thanks to the Teabaggers
  13. watching a casevac head back to base at PR4 photo from kipper (im the big one haha)
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