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  1. all these allergy medication commercials really suck... they keep repeating them for years... and what about all those people who don't have allergies??
  2. that was just rhino... and yes she is very fit *puts on a helmet and runs for cover* *hunkers down in the trenches of Arnie's.. waiting...*
  3. why can't there be more girls going into engineering?? I'm going to a uni where there's a 3-1 ratio of guys to girls, there's no way I'm going to have a girlfriend at all in the next 4 years, not with my luck Oh well... such is life
  4. well.... in that case I would like flags for the US states... no sense in getting those of us on the eastern end of the US confused with those nuts over on the west coast (and Ohio)
  5. Do I really have to doc?? Can I just say I'm from Canada instead?? (I'm only 2 hours away from the Canadian border and I've been confused for a Canadian before)
  6. so military simulation is only limited to US military units?? I happen to have a German setup, does that mean I'm not into milsim because I don't have an Armalite and US gear??
  7. it's 8th grade... trust me.. in a few years you won't even give that period of your life a second thought.. and after you've gone off to university you'll have trouble remembering what you even did in 8th grade. Your classmates WILL change over the course of the next 4 years, just enjoy the time you have... (and try not to do too many stupid things in HS ) As for the whole making out thing... damn... ummm.. yeah.. you guys start early... I'm in college and I've yet to even have a girlfriend Next year when I go back to my old high school to talk about college (my forme
  8. knives... oh my... A bunch of small pocket knives... more than I care to count, not worth much except for sentimental value. I usually carry a small Schrade knife back home, comes in handy every now and then.. I have some knockoff multi-tool, really flimsy.. I have a Gerber multi-tool I picked up 4 years ago. I absolutely love it and it won't leave my side at all this summer.. well except going through the airport.. I have a folding lockback hunting knife with a 4 inch heavy blade, an absolute pain to sharpen I have a personally engraved decorative knife from Kauhauv
  9. destrukto

    Small man or Big cup?

    another reason why British airsofting is much more attractive to the average airsofter... they have bigger cups for their pre-skirmish beer And who says the Brits don't know how to have a good time?? Here, let me test this to make sure it's pure *chug chug chug*, hold on, I'm not done with my test *chug chug chug* *hands the empty mug back* it tasted alright, so it's okay to drink... *staggers 10 feet away and falls over*
  10. Are you absolutely sure that isn't Havoc and Sledge getting ready for Arnie-geddon 2005??
  11. spaz holster thread reference - minus 1 ... a little puff of smoke... it obviously didn't work.. are you sure you didn't get this from them bloody yanks down the road??
  12. Somewhere... All our English teachers are committing suicide And just to make a point - every single European I've met speaks better English than most Americans I've ever met... kind of scary knowing the Germans speak English better as a second or third language than the Americans do as a first
  13. when you start looking at classic guns like the YE MP5, the price tag starts getting way up there, out of most people's price range.. General rule of thumb The price of an airsoft replica is directly proportional to the quality of the replica
  14. destrukto


    Is that a Flecktarn boonie? And if it is, did you find it stateside?? I am curious as to where you found the Flecktarn pouches, I'm hoping to find some German web gear before I head down south this summer because I don't want to suffer the horrors of ALICE gear uber kewl gear.. I like it
  15. destrukto

    destrukto - in gear

    pics of me wearing Flecktarn goodness
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