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  1. KWA USP NS2 w/ Shooter's Design slide and barrel kit
  2. The Kimber is soon heading to a new home SR15 and Kimber:
  3. Part of my Collection: yes, the SR15 and Masada doesn't quite hit the 1k alone - but the optics on em are RS Mk12 Mod0 KAC SR15E3 Colt SBR Magpul Masada Build lists below - in my signature.
  4. Thanks corps! I'll definitely look into switching the inner barrel (even to my stock TM one if needed) Anyways, a little update. yesterday, i went to HSP - excited to field my new setup (even with the decrease in FPS). However, I was extremely disappointed with the results. I was getting random fliers that veered drastically to the right ever 5th or 7th shot on semi. On automatic it wasn't any better as the shots veered in every direction. Corps, was your friend having problems with the above other than just a decrease in FPS?
  5. mine: http://airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=416
  6. Ok, so I am having a slight issue with this hop up unit. I thought this would be the best place to ask my question: My current setup: -madbul Ultimate hop up -Madbul ultimate 6.01 tbb -SCS H-Nub -Guarder Clear Bucking My issue is this. with the stock tm inner barrel and G&P hop up unit, my rifle was shooting bb's out at around 390 fps. However with this new fps, I am seeing a decrease in fps from 390 to 312 (actually quite consistent). Any ideas how I can remedy this situation and bring the fps back to 390? Thanks
  7. ian, that is absolutely stunning. How do you like the polar star conversion?
  8. An update to my favorite blaster: (Aimpoint COMPM4 and Magpul PTS Blackout FH) Parts list: http://airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=416
  9. Hi arnies, Ok, so after reading all the posts, I am really interested in upgrading to one of these Hop Up Units. My set up will be: -Madbull Ultimate Hop Up Unit -Madbull Ultimate 6.01 TBB -Gaurder Clear Bucking (Soft) However, i've looked everywhere for the Big Out Nubs or Element H Nubs but nowhere has them in stock anymore. I've been looking into this instead: Polar Star Concave Spacer (licensed by SCS) http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPath=24_71_371&products_id=31599 What do you guys think? will this work well? any personal experiences? Thanks -Shin
  10. Can I make a Picture request? H&K USP 45 with Insight M2 (preferably KWA with Shooter's Design kit) Also, what kind of holsters would allow me to fit that setup (I prefer something like a SERPA)
  11. OMG, i don't know exactly what that is/ how it functions....but i really like that
  12. -Drake- that build looks fantastic man personally, I think the ctr is perfect for it - then again i've never been a big fan of the ACS question: what length barrel is that? 14.5? 16?
  13. RM that last pic is just fantastic. 2 of the nicest SVI's I've ever seen side by side
  14. Question: So i read that the Magpul Masada has a short type motor. Would a TM M14 EG1000 motor be a drop in fit (I believe it's also a short type)? Also, do you guys think this would increase the ROF/ make it sound less "screechy"?
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