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    Modifying and customizing Marui 1911 based pistols and making my own wood grips for them. Reading about the history of weapons. Drawing in Pencil, Pen and Ink. Anything to do with: Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Tanks, vehicles, planes, boats and militaria. Yes im a nerd!

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  1. Cheers but unfortunately its off to Germany with its new owner soon so wont get an outing here in the UK I doubt. Just to clarify the finish isnt glittered 'CKinnerley' but spray Plasti-coat 'Pink' with a sprayed satin varnish finish. I think the lighting makes it look 'glittery'. Im loving the Colt Delta Elite posted by 'k.a', very nice and makes me want to build one...already got the wrap around grips with Delta logo. Just done some remodelling to my Range Officer, it now has markings, also rebuilt my TRP and this time no firing issues, she works like a dream....at last.
  2. OK well it had to happen and was done as a commision for a friends daughter. TM MEU fitted with Hogue grips, AIP/Guarder/Nova/KJW furniture. If you have a weak stomach look away now....
  3. Yes I know there's been lots and lots of TM 870s on here so please dont bite me I love mine. Ive done a a simple custom job of fitting the G&P extended mag tube and barrel-mag tube brace (I think thats what you call it?) and removed the RIS and foresight which in my view looks more traditional as a shotgun should look. [/u RL]
  4. There are some truly gorgeous 1911s im seeing here guys, praises to you all, you have me frothing at the mouth in sheer lust I too am now the proud owner of the new TM Nickel plated S70 (pics to come) and have to say they have done a wonderful job on the finish. No mould lines, no bad waviness to the finish that can happen when ABS is plated, other than a slight patch near the chin cuts. All silver parts and controls nicely plated. Now to get a set of Ivory grips with a very sexy lady on, purely for artistic reason of course Im STILL waiting on my Nova Commander kit!!!! Seems Customs h
  5. Oh wow! Squad that is gorgeous. Plleeeeaaassseee Mr Customs man let my kit in to dear ole blighty so Postie can deliver mine to me soon.
  6. Ordered mine from Redwolf in black. Well it was a toss up between this or the new TM 870 shotgun....Squad 701 swung it for me with those lovely photos mmm.
  7. The kit appears to be based on the mid to late 70s steel/aluminium (LW Commander) version and not the earlier light weight version (Combat Commander). The CLW at the start of the serial number means Colt Light Weight. Pre 70s = Combat Commander (S/A). Post 70s = Commander (S) and LW Commander (S/A). Colt first built a prototype Commander size 1911 in the 20s in .38super but it was never produced. The Commander was finally brought up again by the US Army in 1949 as a possible order for production. Colt proposed it to be built in 9mm caliber, with a light weight aluminium frame but the milita
  8. Wow 'Squad' that Raptor is gorgeous beautiful photos, weldone my friend weldone.
  9. Wow there are some very nice 1911s being made here, from Para's to Kimber's all gorgeous.
  10. Thanks. She runs well and has become my choice sidearm for skirmishing, even winning out against my usual TRS The spray paint is from a local D.I.Y. car supplies chain store 'Halfords'. Matt black with their grey plastic undercoat. Gives a good finish if done on a warm dry day with even light coats. The grips (standard TM 1911a1 checkered type but sanded down smooth) are sprayed with Volvo polar white car paint. Loving those Ivory grips. Wow do they make the 1911 look classy. I purchased a set of Polymer Ivory grips which were way cheaper than the real mccoy ones but look stunning, ive
  11. I think I did Im not sure to be honest, ive done so many videos now Just have a look under my 'Hints and Tips' playlisting for Bomar sight fitment it should be on there somewhere. If not then I will have to do one soon lol! Now fitted a chrome MEU outer barrel and white 'faux' Ivory grips to my 'Viceroy'....
  12. Not a KJW but I have cut for both a 4,3 rear sight to a Bell metal 1911a1 slide and TM Bomar rear sight on a Guarder Colt National Match 1911 metal slide for a chap in the U.S. as shown below... May I say your engraving work is fantastic That would cost me over a hundred quid here in the UK to get just two slab sides done with that kind of detail.
  13. Pleasure to have inspired you my friend. That CDP II is gorgeous though it has to be said
  14. Nice project and weldone on shaping the frame tangs to accept a beavertail so well. Hope your going to show us when its finished
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