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  1. j33v3s

    Remove the 100 post limit on sales threads

    Pictures with user names don't always stop the scamming. Bought an AEG off Z-in with a fairly decent picture. What it didn't show (due to the angle) was that the outer barrel (and thus inner) was bent - significantly enough that I struggled to get the inner barrel out and it was useless - I couldn't even bend it back with a plumbers torch on it for 5 mins. It then took a few months or so, plus an official "court proceedings" letter to his parents home address before I got any contribution to the replacement outer barrel. What might be worth doing (and I'm not sure what you see with less than 100 posts?), is having the classifieds section showing, but if you click on the link with less than 100 posts, it takes you to a message saying "you need 100" or something similar.
  2. j33v3s

    SIG Picture Thread

    Not particularly arty (that's my wife's strong point) - but here's my SIGs which form my primary loadout.
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    May Charity Game

  5. j33v3s

    Very simple, yes!

    That is impressive. Any idea if I can open up the TM MP7 in a similar way? I upgraded mine with lipo etc but couldn't fit a mosfet in as I couldn't get into that small space above the hop up.
  6. j33v3s

    May Charity Game

  7. j33v3s

    May Charity Game

  8. j33v3s

    Untitled Album


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