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  1. Pictures with user names don't always stop the scamming. Bought an AEG off Z-in with a fairly decent picture. What it didn't show (due to the angle) was that the outer barrel (and thus inner) was bent - significantly enough that I struggled to get the inner barrel out and it was useless - I couldn't even bend it back with a plumbers torch on it for 5 mins. It then took a few months or so, plus an official "court proceedings" letter to his parents home address before I got any contribution to the replacement outer barrel. What might be worth doing (and I'm not sure what you see with less t
  2. Not particularly arty (that's my wife's strong point) - but here's my SIGs which form my primary loadout.
  3. j33v3s


  4. 10... lol Can't really talk to be fair, I carry 6 for standard skirmishes, 4 of them go on my belt so I can ditch the plate carrier for a lightweight pistol/shotgun loadout.
  5. I also heard DEET was melting the plastic that an SA80 is made from (was melting the cheek rest - although they've since changed what they use to prevent this) so not sure if I want it close to my guns either
  6. That looks pretty good (I assume you're going for an ACU/ATACs look). I don't think the whole thing should be like that, especially on a rifle - but for a practice run it's a good start at proving the concept.
  7. j33v3s

    Very simple, yes!

    That is impressive. Any idea if I can open up the TM MP7 in a similar way? I upgraded mine with lipo etc but couldn't fit a mosfet in as I couldn't get into that small space above the hop up.
  8. I've had one of these once about a week ago. Went back a page, then clicked on the link again and it didn't pop up again. Running Chrome as well.
  9. Can anyone tell me why the sights on the rifles that the military guys are using are so far forward? Is it so they can stick a Night vision or zoom device behind without having to re-zero?
  10. thats actually rather nice looks kinda futury
  11. I know this thread is for pictures but it seems a lot of experienced 1911 owners come here so... does anyone know of a cheap bolt on rail for the 1911? Just go myself a nice new WE 1911, i looked around but the only one i found cost £150, hardly the sort of price i'm willing to be paying for a small bit of metal with holes in for screws Alternatively does anyone know of a way to make one without having to dismantel or drill into the pistol too much right, found one on ebay but it's in america http://cgi.ebay.com/COMMAND-ARMS-1911-GOVT...1QQcmdZViewItem anyone know of someo
  12. Apologies if this is out of place, especially as I think is probably my first post but isn't it just going to encourage spamming from idiots who want access to the classifieds, I know you'd then find them and ban them, but it may cause more problems Also, there are plenty of people (like me) who are prefectly reputable and putting a blanket ban is just the same as what the government wanted to do with the VCR bill, "oh noes, people are being shot, lets ban ALL guns and replicas" same sort of thing I may be wrong, I don't know the extent to which you get these problems but that's
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