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  1. Pictures with user names don't always stop the scamming. Bought an AEG off Z-in with a fairly decent picture. What it didn't show (due to the angle) was that the outer barrel (and thus inner) was bent - significantly enough that I struggled to get the inner barrel out and it was useless - I couldn't even bend it back with a plumbers torch on it for 5 mins. It then took a few months or so, plus an official "court proceedings" letter to his parents home address before I got any contribution to the replacement outer barrel. What might be worth doing (and I'm not sure what you see with less t
  2. Not particularly arty (that's my wife's strong point) - but here's my SIGs which form my primary loadout.
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    Very simple, yes!

    That is impressive. Any idea if I can open up the TM MP7 in a similar way? I upgraded mine with lipo etc but couldn't fit a mosfet in as I couldn't get into that small space above the hop up.
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