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  1. I've had a pair of Sawtooths for about a year now. Airsoft and hiking, they've done well for comfort and durability so far...
  2. Hi Well, most of the more troubling problems I've seen in my short PTW history is with the Challenge kits (self assembly). Since all 2008s are pre-assembled at this point, I'd say you'll soon have a fine weapon in your hands...
  3. Does anyone know if this Airsoft version MIAD fits the Systema PTW (without extensive modification)?
  4. I'm new here and have looked around only a bit, so I might be overlooing essential features of the site... I'm a moderator on a scuba diving forum, which is also an equipment-intensive activity. Over there, we have sections set up so if a person wants to ask questions about which piece of kit to buy, or opinions on kit, problems, etc. It would be great to have an equipment section with subforums broken up like a retailers site: Gas pistols, Electric pistols, optics, flashlights, lasers, etc... After my first look around, I don't see anything like this here....
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