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  1. I know I haven't posted here in a long time, but I really love this gun I just built and had to ###### it out. Base:Tokyo Marui Caspian: Trademarked Frame and Slide *1911 Square Trigger Guard Race Gun* RS: DawsonPrecision ICE Magwell + DawsonPrecision Steel MSH RS: RHT RD Mount RS: C-More STS RS: Monster Grips Everything else is pretty much Airsoft Surgeon, Prog4, Nova.
  2. Man you guys are sux! Make me want to build another gun so bad. Oh well. Should just be happy with what I have.
  3. .Nice weapon system you have the Mr. Porno. I'm curious about the magnifier also...
  4. Thanks... and how'd you know i had a Samsung? The color and depth just isn't as good with this camera. It does have some decent adjustability..probably as far as I want to go anyhow. I just don't think I could deal with DSLR.
  5. I love that first pic you posted WatZ. Very nice! Is that a glass table with a white sheet? Looks cool. I'd like to start experimenting with different backgrounds...but my camera sucks.
  6. Rom - it is very difficult to get the slide and frame fit that tight...period. It is especially difficult with a 6", much less..as you stated, with such short rails. This one is not rattle free. But I didn't really put any effort into it. I noticed that the frame doesn't even match up perfectly even (side to side) with the slide. The very thick heavy frame of the WA is not easy to move/tighten/adjust. This gun was a mix of parts - that Hybrid Barrel is from an SCW - I had spent all my time fitting that to the chamber and the slide. I also did not put much effort into lightening the tr
  7. I don't think they are bad. Overall, I think they are quite nice. If WA stuck to one internal design and didn't cost so much I'd like them even better. And their inner barrel design is horrible. My biggest problem is with their mags. They can't handle propane for sh*t...I've got a problem with them spraying gas from the fill valve when filling them, they leak, and they blow out the gas feed lip. Doesn't always happen, but often enough that it makes me not want to shoot them. I never have problems like that with TM.
  8. They are not available yet..as far as I know.
  9. Those grips are retarded expensive. STI&SVI makes them ..2 versions: Aluminum $369.00 & Steel $650.00 RM "I still want someone to make a long dust cover 1911 single stack though...." +1 But maybe I'll get the new WA 6" Hybrid IED Another Magna Eagle 6.0 Hybrid STI/SVI (Again..not mine, I just built it).
  10. You can get it for less than $2000.00 from ProG4. That price is Sanko's crazy Japanese mark up. The wait is long, usually 3-4 months....usually not in stock and need to be custom made.
  11. It's not mine...I just built it. I just finished mounting the AimPoint CompC SM and the Dawson Precision ICE Heavyweight HardChromed Magwell. The gun isn't quite finished yet, but it's close.
  12. I love the Tiki, but I'm not diggin the controls and trigger. I'd prefer all steel. But I suppose the brass would make the guns overall weight more... so thats cool. Is this kit steel or aluminum?
  13. Clockwork - is the mag release brass? Hard to tell from the pics but looks like the grip safety is brass too?
  14. Should I start my own "Over $2k Handgun Only Optic not Included" thread.....or does that statement alone put me here in the Big E-Penis Club?
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