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  1. USMC, Alston, 08kecarv, can you guys measure the thickness of the receiver? just want to see if those reports of the VFC being thinner in body are true. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. Just got my blaster all finished up, Hope it has enough magpul bits to qualify for this thread. built from a G&P body with m4 length barrel, Has a 9" Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS II with a surefire 6p strapped onto it. Running a lipo in the stock tube, rapping the tube is a Magpul CTR, the grip is Magpul MOE and the shorty grip is a King Arms. Also has the magpul ASAP sling mount. stiffest AEG I have ever held. Comments always welcome.
  3. Roob, great looking gear and photos as always. great job!
  4. nice review man, they look awsome. let us know how they do on battery usage sometime.
  5. how do Pmags fit in duel mag pouches? do the get bound up on each other when going to pull one out? like the waffle ak mags do?
  6. G&P make a killflash, not sure if it will fit tho. just an idea.
  7. sucks about the mount seems that happens a lot with airsoft mounts, least QD ones. stick with bolt-on myself.
  8. great product, kinda burns trough batters if your not careful tho! wonder if you can get a 123a to work in there... nope. not even close.
  9. how are they breaking in? getting loose or creaky? btw, where do you guys play in SoCal? i just got back to Iowa from San Diego and damn, how I miss it.
  10. how does the right side selector feel? is it loose or does it feel ok? kinda a deal breaker for me if it sucks (left handed).
  11. is the color of the plastic mixed in or is it painted on? I hope its mixed, gun will look much better
  12. looks like a bangn gun man, maybe a little " here drink this cool-aid " if you know what i meen, but it sure looks nice.
  13. Ill believe the clone PTW when we see it jin, good eye on spotting that tho.
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