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  1. Sorry everyone, I haven't had a good computer access for a while. I have gone threw all the PM's, If you still haven't received a reply try it again.

    Sorry guys, but I am back now.

  2. Check your PM's... The place(if any body is wondering) is a abandoned elementary school.
  3. Picture of me in game... I am a righty, I was just shooting off my support side around the barricade.
  4. Clear your inbox, need to pm you something.

  5. Check the thread in the off topic, I posted a few I took at the AAC silencer shoot.
  6. How much are those? I ran them through google and the price was like 3 bucks.... I am very interested in buying one.
  7. Welcome to the 1911 world. Thats how much I get on my WA and my TM I only get about 2 mags worth.
  8. -WA Kimber scw3 -Streamlight M3 -Xfire threaded barrel/KA 45 can
  9. You know they pop up on gunbroker about once a week right?
  10. I cant stand it, but I just use the search but still its alittle annoying when you scoll over it and the gray box appears.
  11. Its a WA. I put a Xfire threaded barrel on it.. But its not really for scrimmaging, the thread part is meant to be able to be taken out when no can is on it. But mine is stuck on it. Kinda ulgy but what ever. I will try and sand down on my frame as its a PITA to get it off.
  12. MCXL: Do you have a hard time getting the light off the rail? It takes two people to get it off.
  13. Cool, I have one of those suppressers to. I think i am going to do it like yours to.
  14. Heres my sig, TM Sig P226, G&P(I think) metal frame and guarder slide, VFC threaded barrel, upgrades inside. What suppressor and wrap is that RM?
  15. How hard are the gaurder kits to install? I plan on putting a GI on on my tm 1911.
  16. i just bought a full metal TM p226, cant wait for it to get here.
  17. the bolt doesnt move.... the grip just goes back over the receiver. i have some pics but cant find the cord for it... So my review has been put on hold.
  18. outer barrel and the mag tube are metal the sights are also metal, but they arnt the best.... but could be fixed... i am going to finish up the review tom... I take it I am the first one in the US to get mine...
  19. i am working on a mini review... so far so good, the stock is alittle loose but thats just how its made.... give me a day or so for the review.
  20. Marushin M500 with real steal grip.... not sure if i like not having a stock yet we will see.
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