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  1. A actually found two sites carrying them, unfortuanatley I decided against buying one before I could check them out fully. If you want to try here they are:


    310/610: http://www.odclub.net/light_surefire.htm

    310: http://www.xianarmy.com/product/product_list.asp?id=283

    610: http://www.xianarmy.com/product/product_list.asp?id=284



    How much are those? I ran them through google and the price was like 3 bucks.... I am very interested in buying one.

  2. I'd love AS global if they fixed their frekin website to work with safari and firefox <_<


    Us mac users are screwed as a result....



    I cant stand it, but I just use the search but still its alittle annoying when you scoll over it and the gray box appears.

  3. Its a WA. I put a Xfire threaded barrel on it.. But its not really for scrimmaging, the thread part is meant to be able to be taken out when no can is on it. But mine is stuck on it. Kinda ulgy but what ever.


    I will try and sand down on my frame as its a PITA to get it off.


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