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  1. Sorry everyone, I haven't had a good computer access for a while. I have gone threw all the PM's, If you still haven't received a reply try it again.

    Sorry guys, but I am back now.

  2. You need to check your Pm! Here and on Systema PTW forum..

  3. Hey still interested in that M24! Message me and we can start some negotiations.

  4. Check your PM's... The place(if any body is wondering) is a abandoned elementary school.
  5. Picture of me in game... I am a righty, I was just shooting off my support side around the barricade.
  6. Clear your inbox, need to pm you something.

  7. Check the thread in the off topic, I posted a few I took at the AAC silencer shoot.
  8. How much are those? I ran them through google and the price was like 3 bucks.... I am very interested in buying one.
  9. Welcome to the 1911 world. Thats how much I get on my WA and my TM I only get about 2 mags worth.
  10. -WA Kimber scw3 -Streamlight M3 -Xfire threaded barrel/KA 45 can
  11. You know they pop up on gunbroker about once a week right?
  12. I cant stand it, but I just use the search but still its alittle annoying when you scoll over it and the gray box appears.
  13. Hey, I have a PM for you but your inbox is full....

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