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  1. Well I did some shuffling around on my real AR so, the T1 got to come off for a bit. Yeah Yeah Yeah... I know that the QDSS is a NT4, but I cant find a NT3 one for the PDW.






    Heres my Mk11 I am going to replace the PAQ-4 with a PEQ15 soon. And toss on some iron sights.






  2. To answer some questions about the finish on my PDW...


    I painted the whole thing flat black, then with 2000 grit sand paper sanded it all down. Then I sanded the TTB just to make it shiney. Then all over the guns finish I took a lighter and burnt it where I thought carbon build up would be. It turns out great and is mostly permanent, The brake you can rub it off but I try not to. After a while it will stay.

  3. When I first started doing it, I made a small pattern. Then I found that it gives better grip if its bigger and deeper. I re did all of mine using a round tip on my iron. I noticed a big jump in gripeyness.


    So you might want to make bigger indentations. Also, do the center strap for sure.

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