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  1. Pictures suck, took em with my iphone. There are windows look closer
  2. I tryed to clean my room up today, but failed. Heres some pictures of it dirty. EDIT: Pictures didnt work. Lets try this again:
  3. Dude I am in the same boat, I picked me up a GB tech standalone, and I need me a launcher that will look good on it. I really want a GB tech LMT one but I am just getting a G&P Knights short.
  4. Ok thanks guys, I was looking on WGC, I see the LCT 09 kit and the LCT 08 complete gun, both AKM's. Which one should I get? I am leaning towards the '09 kit as I think it has the real take down to it. Am I right or wrong? Also, I am buying me about 8 AK mag shells (7 bucks a pop ) and I am hopefully going to mod them like GRIM did.
  5. Snigel: Nice AKMS! Who makes that? And could you explain how you weathered it? Everyone: I am thinking about getting me a LCT AKM '08. Thats the one with the real take down right? Hows the finish on the LCTs?
  6. Different. The one on the seal thread is the TM 'sopmod' in my sig. Its just a TM m4 ris i got like 5 years ago and I have redone almost everything on it. I have a 4 inch extender so I can go from 10.5 to 14.5 in a few secs. Its not there new 'sopmod' with blowback.
  7. Plans: KAC RAS(on my real AR right now) LMT crane stock(also on my real AR right now) Magpull trigger guard KAC FH Milspec buffer tube Real upper PGC lower(dunno about this one) Aimpoint and wilcox
  8. Cool, I have one of those suppressers to. I think i am going to do it like yours to.
  9. Planing on getting a IR modified one.
  10. Heres my sig, TM Sig P226, G&P(I think) metal frame and guarder slide, VFC threaded barrel, upgrades inside. What suppressor and wrap is that RM?
  11. Did some touch ups on my good old m4. Ya ya, I know, no front m203 mount, have one in the mail.
  12. How hard are the gaurder kits to install? I plan on putting a GI on on my tm 1911.
  13. Went ahead and boght one of the mich's at the armynavy store... Its a SDS Warrior helmet in size M. Pictures in a bit.
  14. Titleist, you know what you need... you need another pvs 14. And I just happen to know a guy that is selling them for 2,600.
  15. yeah, "Donnie T"... started CAOC as firby said. Dont want to get started on that. Hes TACP.
  16. I mean if i had the money right now i would. I really want them and i could probably buy them now then always sell them. I just need the money first.
  17. Well he bumped the price up to 2300. I cant afford that. Any body want em?
  18. Ok, I will at least pick the new one up. Maby the other and sell it.
  19. slight resurrection... I have been offered a new msa mich 2000 for 120. also... There's another one for 100 that is slightly used but has a cover, NV mount. Both are mediums... Should i pick them up?
  20. i used to have one of those G&G rails on my sd5. It was the only one that looked good. Good rail system to.
  21. Mine!... well i just have to sell some stuff hes holding it for me. It was a display model to so no real use. I am excited.
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