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  1. Belladonna: Now that is one impressive rifle to make your return to Arnie's with, I'm very impressed. k
  2. kie

    Custom Gear

    Punkypink: I know how you feel, i also do my sewing the old fashioned way, Nice bit of kit anyway. See you at GZ08 k
  3. Sa80a2 or M16a2? If you mean the SA80 you could get a UGL, Susat (Eotech and ACOG are also being implemented), maybe custom make a rail system so you can have a pillar grip or if you can find one, one of those side mounted torches. For the M16a2.... nothing, thats why i like it. k Edit: unless you mean what brands of Sa80A2, I know a guy with a STAR SA80, seems like a decent weapon, the hop-up could do with getting sorted though. ICS have just brought one out, not sure on its performance but if it doesn't have a split gear box and is anything like there MP5's then it shou
  4. Very nice loadout Buzzsaw, very accurate and detailed, also nice touch with the Desert Fox's. Hear are my Classic British SAS inspired Loadouts i recently completed, Quite a leap back from all this fancy new kit. The basis of my next loadout based on UKSF during the the first Gulf war. Need some old issue webbing and DDPM's. Or possibly from the early years of the Iraq war? k
  5. Your poses scare me and make me slightly aroused.


  6. You KNOW! SG1 kicks Atlantis's *albartroth*.

    lol yes I'm more than just a gun geek.


  7. You suck at Arnies :P


  8. Apparently the new style temperate DPM is going to be a shade lighter. So those copy's could be more accurate to the truth, Looking good all the same. k
  9. You rang? the system is Leg/Waist/Seat in CM they go up in set waist sizes like jeans: 76cm > 29.92 in 80cm > 31.50 in 84cm > 33.07 in 88cM > 34.65 in 92cm > 36.22 in 96cm > 37.80 in 100cm > 39.37 in 104cm > 40.94 in k
  10. HE'S GOING POSTAL!!! Only joking, loving it really. k
  11. First thing that came to my mind was a high class terrorist, A pipe and monocle would complete the look. Really creative Loadouts, i like them. k
  12. Just got my hands on My old school SAS blaster, M16a2. (CAm15a2) I have gained a strong love for M16's now. k
  13. Grim I'm very impressed, you don't often see a full Osprey system used by airsofters. (let alone real soldiers) I suppose this completes your top-cover loadout. Ubar: How is his Rank slide random in the slightest? Fatal: Yes the British army works on a modular system where levels of Armour and protection is used in accordance to the surroundings and threat level. So for a top cover loadout in an urban environment full protection is practically mandatory. k
  14. Yes Grim and I'm very lucky i have a webbing god to hand. Also Ive PM'd you the signature, the wonders of Windows paint. Random Guy: Looks good, very British Army jungle warfare. Only bit of advice only if your are aiming for a British squad look... would be to ditch the US army webbing belt (shiny things are not good ) and just use the ties inside the pants and tailor the Boonie by cutting back the brim. but thats down to personal preference really. Hear is an example from when i threw my SAS in Sierra Leone Loadout together. k
  15. Thanks, The pouches have been battered through actual REAL use! ZOMG! The pouch that i use for my water bottle is actually an entrenching tool pouch but a little old infantry trick i picked up is that the Etool pouch fits the 58 pattern water bottle perfectly and is far more easy to use and access than the standard water bottle pouch. k
  16. My very old school SAS smock... I do believe my good friend Grim stated "It was still damp from the Falklands" PLCE! The pinnacle of anti-gucci (That and a plastic carrier bag) k
  17. 'Pkekyo-Nor' "Also, were you the one that darkened your DDPM, Grim?" I believe the man your thinking of is DARK CHILD. k
  18. Ubar that is simply perfect. I love the carry handle and all the other little details that make it what it is, well done! k
  19. no worries, good luck bud. k
  20. kie

    Custom Gear

    Very nice job, Looks really professional, I especially like the idea of the Hydration Carrier on the back of the chest rig. Nilz, good job with the RAID mod, I see you moved the chest pockets to the arms and swapped them with the lower pockets, must have been fiddly, nice use of Velcro too. k
  21. I think your onto something there mate, to be honest you don't see many retro US Loadouts and in my opinion they look great (The film Tears Of The Sun for example) since there is far too much Mollee in the seals thread for my liking, this is what i advise to get you started if you take the greenside rought Your OD webbing. US woodland BDU's. US army jungle boots. A pair of nomex gloves will do you, Ebaybanned do them. A Boonie hat or bandanna will go nicely. Its all relatively cheap but i think that will get you started for the look your aiming for. k
  22. kie

    Glock Picture Thread

    You certainly don't, Carbon fiber by any chance? k
  23. kie


    Pics of things.
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