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  1. Nice work Morpcat! its all in the detail, like the choc-chip scrim netting on the lid, nicely done mate. k
  2. Outstanding Loadouts and photos Benjamin Willard, very gritty and realistic. I honestly thought they where genuine real world photos at first. k
  3. Excellent Crenna! I'm just putting an old school US woodland loadout together myself. k
  4. kie

    Custom Gear

    'KK-pilot' I'm loving the LBV, looks very retro Molle. great job! k
  5. 'Fellowz' Desi DPM for authenticity. So you can copy the loadout accurately, I think SAS in a woodland/ Jungle environment would use different gear than the stuff in the previous pages. good luck with your loadout k
  6. I just striped it and re sprayed it with a better paint. looks less banana Ive only done some small artificial wear on the main wear points going to leave the rest to natural wear. k
  7. NEW... new paintjob. Looks less like a bannana. k
  8. Agreed the yellow was far too yellow its all part of the fun. Ive decided to do the same effect with a more tan based colour and make the brown more dusted, i copied the wear points of a real steal i saw its just that hideous yellow made them stand out far too much. next time ill do the basic wear points (flash hider, grip's and other sticky out bits) and see what you guys think. k
  9. no i dont like it now, ive already sprayed over it all, thanks for the input. k
  10. Desert? Thats ugly yellow Agreed its far too bright, already started re-srpaying. k
  11. he he thanks re-spraying it now anyway to be better suited in woodland. k
  12. Decided to give my M4 a Desi paint job with some artificial wear. k
  13. In my opinion top one is the winner, nice and gritty. So i guess you don't require the G&P ACOG anymore? k
  14. I know i have obviously hit a very touching subject so ill move on, its a shame i will be giving my m4 a full desert paint job soon so all that lovely character will be obscured. Probably something similar to 001's Armalite which looks very nice by the way. Love K
  15. mmmmmmmm tasty. I love the way minimi's allow the use of M4 mags. xkx
  16. Joe sorry to disappoint Ive been the only person to own that m4, might just look like your old m4 because it is very old. I think Its 2nd generation ICS with the black body and colt logo. She has still seen allot though What made you think it was once yours out of curiosity? xxxK
  17. flashhider and front sight... how was i meant to know that Looks nice an rugged anyway. i must try an get a pic of the AK i tarted up for a friend, full metal body, new gear box, full wooden stock and forgrip which required some minor manipulation. even made a custom made handguard with intergrated Eotech (big drill and bolts) ugly as hell. xxxk
  18. Aftermarket... possibly EVERYTHING. id say that that is a real steel folding stock from a Ak47s. Looks like a AKM pistol grip. You've played around with the top receiver either Element or just ingenuity and a load of mil put, possibly attacked the body with a pencil or... A light dusting of silver paint and the cocking handle looks suspicious. Yes for someone who doesn't own an AK i know my *sh#t*... now wheres my +1 i will also except a 1up. My contribution, all natural wear from years of skirmishing, cleaning and servicing. she has the original body but has been though 2
  19. Possibly the most effective method of making gear look worn in the shortest period of time. love k
  20. In all honesty those are some groundbreaking photos which will give people an extremely accurate kit list if they want to do a current SAS loadout. Thank you Misfit. kxxx
  21. kie

    Custom Gear

    Sounds interesting, id just be careful which LBV pouch you mount them too since the mag pouches are designed to sit close to the sides of your body, i imagine the forward pouch set is probably your best option to avoid them getting in the way of your arms, though this may result in crushed grenades (no pun intended) when going prone. good luck 'Akapp' hugs an love k
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